Crypto Analysts Debate Best Mid-Caps: Helium (HNT), Celestia (TIA), And Pullix (PLX) In Focus

The crypto market has turned bullish in the last few months. Hence, investors are looking for profitable projects to make investments. Helium (HNT), Celestia (TIA), and Pullix are some of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies nowadays. Although HNT and TIA have also surged, the rise of PLX is phenomenal. This new project’s ongoing presale has made big waves, and is predicted to surge by 10000% in the coming months.

Helium (HNT) Surges Due To Mobile Subscription Plan

Recently, the Helium (HNT) network has witnessed massive growth. Subsequently, the market value of Helium (HNT) has surged by more than a whopping 264% in the last 30 days. Hence, the current trading price of Helium (HNT) has jumped to $7.60. According to experts, the major reason behind the rise of HNT is the launch of Helium Mobile.

Notably, Helium Mobile provides cellular phone services throughout the Helium (HNT) ecosystem. Helium (HNT) claims that its subscription is almost eight times cheaper than the average monthly cellphone bill in the US. Besides, the increasing demand for Solana Saga smartphones has positively impacted Helium’s (HNT) mobile subscription plan.

Polygon Integrates Celestia’s (TIA) Data Availability Layer

According to reports, Polygon is likely to integrate Celestia’s (TIA) data availability layer. This anticipation has made the Celestia (TIA) community quite active. Notably, Celestia’s (TIA) data availability solution aims to provide a cheaper alternative for verifying data.

Interestingly, developers will now be able to use Celestia’s (TIA) solution when using Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). This development has positively impacted the price of Celestia (TIA). In the last week, the price of Celestia (TIA) has increased by 16%. Consequently, a Celestia (TIA) token currently trades at $11.82.

Pullix Presale Eyes Explosive Growth

While there were only seven cryptocurrencies in 2013, they have crossed the mark of 1.2 million by the end of 2023. This has also kicked off the demand for crypto trading exchanges. However, the existing exchanges are struggling to meet the market’s requirements due to their limited transparency, high transaction costs, and low speed. But, a new exchange, Pullix, will address these issues with ease.

It is the world’s first community-backed exchange, where users will be able to trade multiple assets with a single account. It supports various asset classes, such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, commodities, and Forex. Additionally, Pullix boasts easy accessibility.

Traders can execute their trades directly through the platform’s website. It does not require traders to download any additional app or software.

PLX serves as the native token of the platform with multiple utilities. Its owners can stake their tokens to earn passive income and bonuses. They can also convert their tokens into fiat, or other cryptocurrencies, based on the market conditions.

Besides, the token holders will also get governance rights. They would be able to make suggestions on adding new assets to the platform’s asset pool.

These tangible benefits have caused a massive demand for the presale PLX tokens. Within a few days of its launch, the platform’s presale round has completed the first two stages. Currently, the token’s presale is undergoing its third stage, and a PLX is now available at $0.044.

Moreover, it is expected to grow by 580% during the presale. Once the presale ends, the platform will list the tokens on Uniswap, and tier-1 centralized exchanges.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below: 

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