Crypto Analyst Warns of Potential Top for PEPE Meme Coin as Price Nears Target – Here’s His Outlook

Crypto analyst SenseiHov has raised concerns about the potential formation of a top for the Pepe (PEPE) token. This comes as the price of PEPE nears a crucial target level, prompting the analyst to advise traders to exercise caution and closely monitor the market dynamics.

According to analyst @SenseiHov, the recent 30% selloff in PEPE’s price since the last update has brought the token within 9% of its target level.  Consequently, the trade has yielded approximately 338% gains from the entry point.

However, the analyst warns that the break of a specific trigger line, depicted in pink on the chart, could signal trend exhaustion.

PEPE Price Analysis

SenseiHov highlights the presence of bearish divergences, which. he previously discussed in a prior update. These divergences, coupled with the break of the trigger line, suggest that the upward momentum for PEPE may be waning. 

While the possibility of one final push towards the 0.02 area remains, the analyst cautions that any deeper move beyond the invalidation level could mark the top for this cycle.

Emphasizing the importance of prudent risk management, SenseiHov advises traders not to be overly greedy and to secure profits from the substantial gains already achieved. The analyst recommends focusing on the “meat and potatoes” of the move rather than chasing the “icing on the cake.” As the market awaits confirmation of the top, SenseiHov plans to update the chart with a potential swing level for spot trading opportunities.

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Market Data and Potential Scenarios

According to data from CoinGecko, the price of Pepe (PEPE) currently stands at $0.00001239, with a daily trading volume of $1,032,779,023.47. This represents a 2% price decline in the last 24 hours and a 12.61% decline over the past seven days. 

The analyst acknowledges the potential for one more push towards the 0.00002 area, despite the bearish signals. Indeed, it is common for prices to exhibit a final surge before the move concludes.

The crypto community eagerly awaits further developments and analysis from SenseiHov as the situation unfolds. Of course, you should closely monitor market conditions, and implement prudent risk management strategies to navigate the potential market shifts surrounding the Pepe token.

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