Crypto Analyst Shares His Weekly Watchlist Including ETH, UNI and XAI, And These Altcoins

Veteran crypto trader Miles Deutscher, known for identifying altcoin gems before their major trend changes, shared an insightful watchlist highlighting Ethereum ecosystem tokens primed for upside.

According to crypto analyst Miles Deutscher, the Ethereum rotation is gaining momentum, with many Layer 2 and DeFi altcoins exhibiting positive signs. Deutscher is looking for continued momentum across multiple cryptocurrencies and shared his top picks for the week.


Ethereum (ETH) continues to show strength, especially compared to Bitcoin (BTC). Deutscher is still holding his ETH and ETH-beta long positions from two weeks ago.

ETH remains above the key $3,000 psychological support level. However, Justin Sun has fueled much of the recent buying pressure, purchasing over $500 million worth of ETH over the past few days.

Despite this, Deutscher remains bullish on ETH and ETH-beta tokens leading up to the proposed ETF dates in May and the Shanghai upgrade in March. He also sees the potential for an ETH/BTC breakout.


The Uniswap governance proposal to divert fees to UNI holders was the news of the week. From a regulatory perspective, as Uniswap is a US-based company, this could be massive for the industry.

Deutscher is watching other DeFi 1.0 tokens such as Curve (CRV), Compound (COMP), and Aave (AAVE) in case the news triggers a broader rotation. He is also monitoring tokens like Frax Share (FXS), THORChain (RUNE), and GMX.

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The Blast Layer 2 network is expected to launch this week. Blast was founded by the same founder as privacy token Blur (BLUR).

BLUR stakers will receive airdropped tokens from Blast, but Deutscher expects further integration between Blur and Blast somehow. Given that many funds and thought leaders are bullish on Blast, BLUR provides liquid exposure.

XAI Network

Deutscher notes that things are heating up on Arbitrum. Rumors suggest ArbDAO will announce a gaming grants program soon. As XAI Network (XAI) is a leader in the gaming sector on Arbitrum, this could be a catalyst. Additionally, XAI staking goes live this week, fitting into the broader gaming narrative.


On the heels of the Uniswap news, decentralized exchange DYDX has started an upward move. However, DYDX has a large token unlock coming this week. Given how much DYDX has recently rallied, some unlock recipients may be enticed to sell and provide a “gift dip” buying opportunity.

Ribbon Finance

Rumors continue around the upcoming launch of Ribbon Finance’s (RBN) pre-market vehicle called Aelin Ventures Optimized (AEVO). Deutscher wants exposure to this narrative of pre-markets and IOU markets, which should gain significant attention given the number of upcoming token launches. Ribbon Finance also had record protocol fees of $4 million this week.

Other Notable Tokens

A few other tokens on Deutscher’s radar this week:

  • PEPE is an Ethereum-based meme coin that could benefit from an ETH bull run.
  • COTI as it has broken above major resistance and seen increased volume
  • Frax Share (FXS), as they could turn on revenue sharing similar to Uniswap
  • AI coins in general, as Deutscher believes they will be a leading sector this bull run
  • Rollbit (RLB) as an underperforming casino/gambling token with room to grow in an explosive bull market

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