Crypto Analyst Predicts 10 Altcoins That Could Replicate Polygon’s (MATIC) 160x Rally Post BTC Halving

A popular crypto analyst who correctly called Polygon (MATIC) as a top performer last bull run is back with a new list of 10 altcoins that he believes could follow MATIC’s explosive 160x gains in the coming months.

The analyst, known as @nobrainflip on X, points out that after previous Bitcoin halvings, which reduce the rate of new BTC entering circulation, altcoins have historically seen tremendous upside. He notes that while Bitcoin and Ethereum may only return 2-5x, select altcoins can easily yield 100x or more.

“After every halving, there was growth, either in 3 months or immediately…alts can give you a 100x profit,” he states, using MATIC’s 152x surge just 3 months after the 2020 halving as a prime example.

After scanning nearly 2,000 cryptocurrencies, the analyst has identified 10 promising altcoins positioned for explosive gains akin to MATIC:

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  1. @TradeOnOrion | $ORN (Orion Protocol): Orion is redefining DeFi trading by connecting all exchange liquidity directly to your wallet, aiming for the best crypto prices and wealth redistribution. ✧ Market cap: $53 million ✧ Price: $1.5
  2. @EMCprotocol | $EMC (EnMetaComp): EMC is a blockchain network for AI, using a computing power consensus to complete AI tasks, featuring various specialized nodes. ✧ Market cap: $45 million
    ✧ Price: $1.22
  3. @Polkadot | $DOT: Polkadot enables a decentralized web by connecting blockchains and technologies for seamless, trustless transactions and communication. Over 90% of supply is unlocked, making it a lower risk play. ✧ Market cap: $10.1 billion ✧ Price: $7.1
  4. @DuskFoundation | $DUSK: DUSK is a Layer 1 blockchain with privacy-focused smart contracts and a fast proof-of-stake consensus, ideal for compliant financial applications. ✧ Market cap: $164 million ✧ Price: $0.39
  5. @Polytrade_fin | $TRADE: Polytrade is advancing financial technology via blockchain, creating a dynamic real-world asset marketplace and setting new standards in tokenization since 2022. ✧ Market cap: $64 million ✧ Price: $1.99
  6. @Entanglefi | $NGL (Entangle): Entangle simplifies Web3 connectivity with custom data and interoperability solutions, linking key blockchain partners for diverse applications. ✧ Market cap: $166 million ✧ Price: $1.4
  7. @MaviaGame | $MAVIA (Heroes of Mavia): Heroes of Mavia is a blockchain strategy game where players battle for crypto rewards, building and upgrading bases globally. ✧ Market cap: $108 million ✧ Price: $3.6
  8. @graphlinq_proto | $GLQ (GraphLinq): GraphLinq combines blockchain with no-code automation via an integrated development environment (IDE), app, engine, and marketplace, enabling easy deployment and management of processes. ✧ Market cap: $0.11 million ✧ Price: $0.11
  9. @enq_AI | $ENQAI (EnqAI): EnqAI offers unrestricted AI services, from image to language processing, powered by a decentralized network to ensure freedom from biases and censorship. ✧ Market cap: $36 million ✧ Price: $0.036
  10. @WolfWifBallz | $BALLZ: Wolf Wif Ballz is described as the most promising meme coin on the Solana network. It has a strong community and support from many influential figures. Still considered to have huge upside potential if Solana meme coins start to pump again. ✧ Market cap: $7 million ✧ Price: $0.007.

The analyst spent significant time researching and sharing this “genuinely useful” list, encouraging followers to bookmark it for the potential 100x opportunities. As always, crypto investors should do their own research before allocating funds.

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Temitope Olatunji
Temitope Olatunji

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