Crypto Analyst Identifies Top 10 Coins for 100x Returns: ZkSync (ZK) and Entangle (NGL) Make It to the Top of the List

Ardizor has shared insights on the historical patterns of altcoin market cycles.

According to the analyst, in the past two crypto cycles, altcoins reached their all-time highs (ATH) exactly 547 days after the Bitcoin halving event. So, we still have time for that altseason we’ll all been waiting for.

If this cycle repeats, investors may be presented with a final opportunity to capitalize on the current dip.

Selecting the Right Altcoins for Maximum Returns

While timing the market is crucial, Ardizor emphasizes that the key to achieving 100x returns lies in selecting the right altcoins. To aid investors in their decision-making process, the analyst has compiled a list of top 10 altcoin picks with promising potential.

1. Entangle ($NGL) – Omnichain Data Infrastructure

Entangle is the first fully customizable and interoperable data infrastructure designed for Web3 and institutions. It provides builders and dApps with universal data pathways and full configurability in executing operations across any blockchain network.

Key metrics:

  • Market Cap: $70M
  • Fully Diluted Value (FDV): $500M
  • Unlocked: 13.95% of total supply

2. Patex ($PATEX) – RWA Blockchain Ecosystem

Patex is the largest RWA blockchain ecosystem in Latin America, a region with over 670 million people and a GDP of $5.5 trillion. As a Layer 2 blockchain, it streamlines the issuance and monitoring of CBDCs and other cryptocurrencies.

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3. ZKsync ($ZK) – ZK-rollup Layer 2 Solution

ZKsync is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that utilizes ZK-rollup technology to boost transaction throughput and lower fees. It aggregates multiple transactions into a single proof, which can be verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

Key metrics:

  • Market Cap: $929M
  • FDV: $5.37B
  • Unlocked: 17.5% of total supply

4. GraphLinq ($GLQ) – No-Code Blockchain for Web3 and AI

GraphLinq is a no-code blockchain platform for Web3 automation, dApps, and AI. The protocol includes GraphLinq IDE, Instant Wizard App, Engine, and Marketplace, enabling users to create and deploy applications with minimal effort.

Key metrics:

  • Market Cap: $24.74M
  • FDV: $37.65M
  • Unlocked: 68% of total supply

5. NeuralAI ($NEURAL) – Generative AI for 3D Modeling

NeuralAI leverages generative AI to convert text into refined 3D models, simplifying the process and reducing costs. Supported by Bittensor, the most powerful AI project, NeuralAI allows users to create 3D models from text prompts.

Key metrics:

  • Market Cap: $19.2M
  • FDV: $18.48M
  • Unlocked: 100% of total supply

6. StarHeroes ($STAR) – GameFi Platform

StarHeroes is a gaming platform that offers both web3 and web2 modes, making its innovative gameplay accessible to a wide range of players. The web3 mode utilizes a single token, $STAR, and NFTs, with the token serving various utilities within the game.

Key metrics:

  • Market Cap: $7.53M
  • FDV: $123M
  • Unlocked: 6.12% of total supply

7. ChainGPT ($CGPT) – AI for Blockchain and Crypto

ChainGPT is an advanced AI model specifically designed for blockchain technology and crypto-related topics. It employs cutting-edge algorithms and high-speed computing to address complex issues in the blockchain and crypto space.

Key metrics:

  • Market Cap: $78.75M
  • FDV: $157.53M
  • Unlocked: 49.9% of total supply

8. AQTIS ($AQTIS) – Smart Liquidity Protocol

AQTIS is a smart liquidity protocol powered by AI and quant technology. As a leading DeFi project, AQTIS focuses on creating Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) using proprietary software that leverages AI and quantitative techniques.

Key metrics:

  • Market Cap: $9.12M
  • FDV: $14.03M
  • Unlocked: 65% of total supply

9. Atlas Navi ($NAVI) – Drive-to-Earn Navigation App

Atlas Navi is the first Drive-to-Earn (D2E) navigation app that uses AI and smartphone cameras to avoid traffic. It detects road conditions, accidents, lane-specific traffic, available parking spaces, and police vehicles, then reroutes drivers to avoid problematic roads.

Key metrics:

  • Market Cap: $28.55M
  • FDV: $56.8M
  • Unlocked: 50.5% of total supply

10. BORPA ($BORPA) – Sophisticated Memecoin

BORPA is a meme coin that aims to transcend the traditional concept of digital currency by becoming a sophisticated investment vehicle. Created by Psychonaut4975 and incubated by Entangle Labs, BORPA blends playful elements with cutting-edge financial strategies.

By considering the historical patterns of altcoin market cycles and carefully selecting promising projects, investors may be well-positioned to capitalize on the potential for significant gains.

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