Comparing Monero (XMR), Meme Moguls (MGLS), and Ethereum Classic: Identifying Potential for 30x Returns in 2024

The cryptocurrency landscape continuously evolves, with various tokens offering unique value propositions and investment opportunities. In this article, we explore three distinct cryptocurrencies – Monero (XMR), Meme Moguls (MGLS), and Ethereum Classic (ETC) – to understand their potential for delivering significant returns, possibly up to 30x, in 2024.

Monero (XMR): The Privacy Pioneer

Monero stands out in the crypto space for its strong focus on privacy and security. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Monero transactions are not transparent. Its use of ring signatures and stealth addresses ensures that transactions are untraceable and unlinkable, providing users with anonymity unmatched by most other cryptocurrencies. This has made it very popular on darknet markets.

The demand for privacy-centric coins like Monero has been consistently strong, especially in regions where financial privacy is a concern or where crypto users are looking to hedge against regulatory changes. While Monero’s growth has been relatively steady, its unique privacy features could increase demand as more investors and users seek to preserve their financial privacy.

With recent increased regulatory pressures on cryptocurrencies, it’s possible Monero can find a leg to pull it upward. Other than that, there’s an even bigger advantage XMR holds. Monero uses dynamic blocks that adjust their size according to the market’s needs. This makes its transactions fast, cheap, and anonymous. With the upcoming Bitcoin halving coming in April, it’s likely BTC’s transactions are going to be more expensive and slow, making investors shift to other coins that can give them cheap and fast transactions.

Currently, the XMR median transaction fee is $0.001 compared to Bitcoin’s $5.09. Monero is down 11% this month and 10.75% in one year. With a 46.45 RSI, it’s a very good buy.

Ethereum Classic (ETC): A Commitment to Originality

Ethereum Classic emerged from a hard fork of Ethereum (ETH) following the DAO attack in 2016. It represents the original Ethereum blockchain, maintaining the principle of “code is law.” Despite the split, Ethereum Classic has maintained a dedicated community and has been working on its technological developments and improvements.

Ethereum Classic’s potential lies in its appeal to purists who value the original Ethereum vision and in its lower price compared to ETH, making it an attractive entry point for investors. With the broader growth of the Ethereum ecosystem, ETC could benefit from increased interest in blockchain technology and smart contracts. With a 39.97% increase during the last week, it seems like it’s already on an upward trajectory.

Meme Moguls (MGLS): A Unique Blend of Memes and Trading

Meme Moguls, according to its brief, is carving out a niche by merging meme culture with stock market mechanics. This unique approach, coupled with its metaverse world “Mogul Land”, where users can engage in various activities, sets it apart from traditional meme coins. Its ecosystem includes features like the Moguls Casino, Trading Platform, and Fantasy Trader, offering a diverse range of meme-inspired assets and staking options. 

This utility-based approach positions it well for potential growth. Since Bonk, Pepe, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin are making strides without any actual utility behind them, it’s expected to see Meme Moguls plow through the market. It’s already in Stage 5, and analysts are expecting to see a 1000% growth during the presale and an x100 afterward. 

Monero and Ethereum Classic Set to Grow But Hardly 30x

Each of these cryptocurrencies – Monero, Meme Moguls, and Ethereum Classic – offers different avenues for potential growth. Monero’s focus on privacy, Meme Moguls’ unique blend of memes and market functionality, and Ethereum Classic’s adherence to the original Ethereum protocol present varied investment opportunities.

Investors looking for high returns in 2024 should choose Meme Moguls, as Monero and Ethereum Classic offer great investment opportunities, but as established currencies, they can hardly 30x their market caps. Cryptocurrency is very big today, and TOP 50 coins aren’t able to pull x20 or x30s as they used to. If you’re looking for high returns, new tokens are your choice. Meme Moguls is there, it just began, and analysts are waiting for it to prove them right.

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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

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