CoinStats Launches New Feature – Is This the Best Portfolio Tracker in Crypto?

CoinStats, a leading crypto portfolio management platform, has introduced a new update. The company has unveiled Portfolio Analytics 2.0, which includes an enhanced Profit & Loss (P/L) calculation feature. This latest addition aims to provide users with a comprehensive and accurate view of their crypto portfolio’s performance, empowering them to make informed investment decisions.

Comprehensive Crypto Portfolio Management with CoinStats

In crypto proper portfolio tracking is essential. CoinStats recognized this need and committed itself to delivering top-tier crypto portfolio tracker solutions. Earlier in May, the company rolled out Portfolio Analytics 2.0, and now, it has taken a step forward by introducing its most precise Profit & Loss calculation yet.

The new P/L feature offers a multifaceted approach to analyzing portfolio performance. Users can now view their total portfolio P/L through various metrics, including Total Cost, Unrealized P/L, Realized P/L, and All P/L. These metrics provide a comprehensive overview, enabling users to gauge their portfolio’s performance accurately.

Detailed Asset Tracking with CoinStats’ Latest Update

CoinStats’ update takes portfolio tracking to new heights. Users can now see detailed P/L for each asset in their portfolio. By navigating to the ‘Holdings’ tab of any coin, users can access in-depth insights, including average buy and sell prices. 

Moreover, the platform allows users to share their gains, fostering a sense of community and friendly competition.

Additionally, the ‘History’ tab now offers transaction-level P/L analysis when filtered by individual coins. This granular approach empowers users to make data-driven decisions based on their investment strategies and risk tolerance.

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Integrating DeFi Holdings for a Comprehensive Portfolio View

In response to user feedback, CoinStats has integrated DeFi holdings into its platform. Users can now include their DeFi holdings in their total balance, providing a comprehensive view of their crypto portfolio. This highly requested feature underscores CoinStats’ commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its user base.

CoinStats’ latest updates are designed to enhance clarity and success in crypto investments. The company actively seeks and incorporates user feedback, ensuring its platform remains relevant and user-friendly.

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