Coinbase Lists $BONK Token — New Pump Incoming or Is This Memecoin Presale a Better Bet?

It is game time. Investors who cannot see the signals need to get their eyes tested. Coinbase listed the Bonk ($BONK) token, and when a Tier 1 centralized exchange starts listing memecoins, it’s a classic signal that the markets are gearing up to do something incredible.

Anybody still holding stablecoin is set for a world of pain and $BONK readies itself for a new pump incoming. Its success has been phenomenal, but when it comes to the top crypto to buy in 2023, $BONK is not even close. It has already made the early gains, and professional traders look to Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). Is this new memecoin presale a better bet? Time for a deep dive.

Bonk ($BONK) Listed On Coinbase

Bonk has finally been listed on Coinbase. Undoubtedly the top crypto to buy several weeks ago. Have investors missed the boat? Yes and no. The Coinbase listing grants Bonk a new legitimacy and implies greater longevity. It will be easier for retail participants to access, and this listing increases its market visibility. Two things that typically lead to a rally.

However, $BONK has already overtaken Pepe ($PEPE), and investors need to ask themselves how much higher can it go. This memecoin has a market cap close to $1 billion, and for sustained movement upwards, it needs new buyers. Retail is only half in the game, and all crypto-natives would have bought it on-chain before the Coinbase listing.

Bonk can certainly still pump, but it will not pump in the same way that led to its listing. It has made an impressive journey but the party has basically finished. Expert traders know this, and that is why they have been focusing their attention on Galaxy Fox. Rumors are already swirling that it will be the top crypto to buy in 2023.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): A Perfect Opportunity For Anybody Who Missed $BONK?

Galaxy Fox’s presale has been tearing and recently crossed $1 million. It is the perfect trade for anybody who missed $BONK, and instead of joining late and being one of the retail masses, investors are participating in the earliest stages. The best place to maximize ROI.

This memecoin has one other huge advantage. Galaxy Fox is not just a memecoin, but a P2E/ meme hybrid. It has the deflationary tokenomics of a memecoin, the viral aesthetic, and the tiny market cap which makes 100Xs possible. But additionally, it offers a play-to-earn game where users can earn real money.

Players who end the season in the top 20% win prizes, and even for players who do not want to compete, Galaxy Fox offers two excellent sources of passive income. The first is indirect: the token burn, accruing value through scarcity. The second is staking.

Stargate- Galaxy Fox’s rewards hub- accrues 2% of all ecosystem transactions and pays them out to stakers. Early holders will be able to stake instantly and increase their $GFOX stack. Buy and sell taxes fund these payouts, meaning no token emissions and an even bigger advantage for early holders!

Could it be the top crypto to invest in now? Looking at presale participation on-chain indicates a strong yes as wallets of all sizes pile into the Galaxy Fox ICO.

Closing Thoughts: Another Memecoin Mania Season?

Are crypto markets on the verge of another memecoin mania? Will a memecoin be the top crypto to buy in 2023? Investors need to prepare, and the best way to maximize returns is to hold small caps. Investors who bought Bonk when it had a one million dollar market cap are sitting pretty right now. Investors currently have the chance to buy Galaxy Fox at a one million dollar market cap.

Participate in the presale today and get an early allocation of $GFOX in preparation for memecoin mania. There has never been a better time to buy memecoins, and $GFOX is the cream of the crop. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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