Coin Expert Shows Us Why He Likes Internet Computer (ICP) but Recommends DeeStream (DST) Presale Over Ethereum Classic (ETC)

DeeStream (DST) has been circulating in crypto news, and there is a good reason why. Despite older tokens like Internet Computer (ICP) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) being available as options, DeeStream (DST) still manages to hold its own, especially with its ongoing presale.

A notable coin expert–who does not stand alone in his assessment–has brought the new presale into view, moving Internet Computer (ICP) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) to the side. Based on what DeeStream (DST) could be capable of, we may be about to witness the making of the next significant blue-chip token.

Internet Computer (ICP), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and the Battle for Relevance

There is a lot to like with Internet Computer (ICP). The Internet Computer (ICP) platform aims to push for a fully decentralized internet. With people more willing to accept the future that is Web3, Internet Computer (ICP) is well placed. However, Internet Computer (ICP) has market analysts weary because of its more than 10% drop in the past month.

Ethereum Classic (ETC), often considered the sibling to Ethereum (ETH), operates an open-source model. This means developers can efficiently run contracts thanks to Ethereum Classic (ETC) and its various features. While Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Internet Computer (ICP) are solid tokens, there is little faith that they will survive another bear market.

DeeStream (DST): The Great New Option

The rise of streaming in today’s culture is why DeeStream (DST) is here to stay. Standing tall as the world’s first web3 streaming platform, DeeStream (DST) uses decentralized technology to offer its services to everyone willing to hop on. The opportunity for growth here is why Ethereum Classic (ETC) is falling as a choice for investment.

Unlike Ethereum Classic (ETC), DeeStream (DST) is not an offshoot of an already popular token. DeeStream (DST) has the unique opportunity to forge a path in the crypto-sphere. DeeStream (DST) offers the best features that streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube offer.

The DeeStream (DST) platform wants to bring a form of transparency in operation that Twitch, Youtube or Tik Tok cannot offer. All the limits of centralized power will be old news by the time DeeStream (DST) takes control.

Where Does DeeStream (DST) Fit into Your Portfolio?

Most can agree that a high utility token will yield a longer life span. DeeStream (DST) gives its users such a utility, regardless of whether they are content creators or consumers. Both parties are incentivized by a reward system that encourages active participation.

The projected market value of streaming by 2027 is $247 billion. DeeStream (DST) is effectively helping its users cement a mammoth share in this growing media form. Surveys show that more people are willing to consume streaming as their primary content. DeeStream (DST) takes advantage of this but in a better way than the current streaming giants.

One of the best parts of DeeStream (DST) is how easy it is to be involved. First is the insanely low presale price of just $0.035. Coin experts know that early investment is the best way to get considerable gains. Internet Computer (ICP) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) seem to fall short in comparison with DeeStream (DST).

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here

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Temitope Olatunji
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