Clique raises $8M in Series A to revolutionize the way smart contracts access data

San Francisco, CA – Clique, a pioneering infrastructure company powering secure and robust data computing for blockchains, announced today its successful Series A funding round of $8 million led by Polychain Capital to build a heterogenous compute coordination network that revolutionizes the way both on-chain and off-chain applications access compute and data.

The round also had participation from prominent investors like Bankless, Robot Ventures, Santiago R. Santos, Balaji Srinivasan, and other notable angels such as the founders of Lido, Polygon, Scroll, Berachain, Monad, Gitcoin, Axiom, Succinct, and Uniswap Foundation. 

This latest funding round aims to power Clique’s mission of enabling efficient and optimal compute resource allocation for applications that have different preferences. By utilizing a diverse range of compute vendors specializing in areas like verifiable compute with zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), confidential compute trusted execution environments (TEE), AI-based compute with GPUs, and many others, applications can optimize for various parameters like trust, privacy, security, performance, and cost. 

Founded by Kevin Yu and Jaden Yan, Clique has emerged as a trailblazer in the blockchain space, being the first to productionize oracles that can handle private data in a secure and trust-minimized manner off-chain with technology such as ZKPs and TEEs. To date, Clique has enabled over US$3,500,000,000 in on-chain transactions through the use of their protocol. 

The company has played a pivotal role in bootstrapping on-chain user data for prominent ecosystems like Arbitrum, Optimism, Linea, Mantle, and Ronin, among others. It has served over 750k end users in the Web3 space and established partnerships with over 500 businesses, including industry leaders such as Sony Music US,, Aave, Eigenlayer, Sushiswap, Velodrome, Synthetix, and many more.

Introducing the Clique Compute Coordination Network 

The Clique Compute Coordination Network organizes various off-chain compute resources, allocating them as needed by both general applications and smart contracts. This includes co-processors for performing verifiable compute on top of on-chain data, oracles for bringing in data from any internet data source, and specialized hardware for privacy, AI, and secure computation. This allows applications to access different compute resources and data easily, with the ability to adjust for preferences around trust, privacy, performance, and cost.

“Today, there exist many compute providers in both the blockchain and non-blockchain worlds. Each of them has different optimization goals. Trying to integrate those diverse compute supplies to form standardized, schedulable computing services and match them with the appropriate compute demand is a crucial issue to be tackled. What Clique builds exactly enables this interconnection and intercommunication of computing power, potentially empowering a much more vibrant digital economy in the era of AI transformation.” Said Kevin Yu, co-founder of Clique. 

Joining the Clique

Developers and protocols interested in leveraging and integrating with Clique’s SDK (Software Development Kit) are encouraged to reach out to the team at To learn more about Clique and its groundbreaking technology, visit its website at or follow the project on Twitter at @Clique2046.

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact:

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Sarah Wurfel
Sarah Wurfel

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