Chainlink’s LINK Price Remains Strong as Investors Back This New Casino Token

The broader crypto market experienced a flux state during the weekend since BTC and major altcoins prices barely moved. However, Chainlink (LINK) managed to buck the trend and post impressive 7% gains amidst the uncertainty. LINK is now trading around the $15.2 level as it continues its recent bullish momentum.

In their latest analysis, leading crypto insights firm altFINS noted that LINK remains in a clear uptrend despite some recent bearish signals. Specifically, altFINS highlighted that while LINK recently broke downwards out of an upward channel pattern, support at $11.80 held firm. This allowed the token to bounce back above the key $14.50 level.

Additionally, altFINS pointed out that momentum indicators like the MACD histogram are turning bullish again for LINK, suggesting further upside could be ahead. If bulls can maintain control, LINK may retest overhead resistance around $17 in the near-term. However, altFINS did advise maintaining a stop loss order at $13.60 to protect against a breakdown through nearby support levels.

Source: altFINS

As a leading decentralized oracle network providing critical real-world data to blockchain systems, Chainlink stands to benefit from the long-term trend of tokenizing real-world assets. 

For example, LINK oracles help power decentralized finance (DeFi) applications for tokenized US Treasury bills and other real-world assets. This unique value proposition gives LINK an edge as blockchain adoption continues growing exponentially.

Even though Chainlink remains a solid long-term investment option given its critical role in blockchain ecosystems, interested crypto investors may also want to consider diversifying into earlier-stage opportunities. One such prospect is the Scorpion Casino (SCORP) presale, which offers lower entry prices and higher short-term growth potential compared to the already well-established LINK token.

Scorpion Casino Emerges as Next Big Breakout Presale Token

An exciting new crypto presale project called Scorpion Casino (SCORP) has rapidly raised over $2.8 million from eager investors. SCORP brings a fresh opportunity compared to more mature crypto markets, offering potentially higher short and long-term growth prospects.

Scorpion Casino differentiates itself through multiple attractive features. Firstly, it operates as a licensed online crypto casino platform, allowing users to generate revenues through gaming. Additionally, the project focuses on delivering passive income streams to token holders. Using casino profits, the protocol instituted an automatic buyback and burn mechanism for SCORP tokens. This creates a deflationary tokenomics structure that rewards long-term holders through increasing scarcity and value.

Unlike volatile crypto investments, Scorpion Casino provides holders with revenues stemming from stable casino earnings. Hence users can earn reliable yields unaffected by fickle market swings. This makes SCORP an appealing option for investors looking to hedge against crypto volatility.

Additionally, anticipation is building around SCORP’s first centralized exchange listing scheduled for January 15th. This represents a crucial milestone in SCORP’s growth trajectory, cementing its transition from a speculative presale token to an established cryptocurrency. Investor interest and trading liquidity are likely to surge post-listing.

Notably, those looking to capitalize on this presale opportunity need to act fast. The SCORP token presale has already attracted over $2.8 million and could sell out completely well before the public listing date. During the presale, investors can purchase SCORP for the discounted rate of $0.026 per token using ETH, USDT or BNB. For context, SCORP will list at $0.05 – almost double the current presale rate.

Of the 1 billion total SCORP supply, the presale allocated 280 million tokens, with a further 300 million designated for affiliate incentives. The presale’s overwhelming success highlights the faith that investors have placed in the licensed Scorpion Casino platform as well as the project’s revenue-sharing model. For crypto investors, especially in developing nations, reliable passive income opportunities remain scarce, underscoring the demand for disruptive solutions like SCORP.

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So, the next breakout opportunities likely reside with innovative new projects instead of mainstream cryptocurrencies. Scorpion Casino represents one such highly promising venture, as evidenced by its successful $2.8 million presale fundraising round. However, interested investors will need to act fast before the presale sells out, especially considering the upcoming January 15th exchange listing.

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