Chainlink Revenue Keeping Pace with Solana – Why Are Investors Buying NuggetRush?


  • Experts predict the Chainlink (LINK) token to rise above $8 if markets turn bullish. 
  • Solana (SOL) to rise above $24 as the FTX Trust staked $150 million worth of SOL. 
  • NuggetRush (NUGX) combines social responsibility with 100% profitability.  

The crypto markets have turned bearish once again after the relief surge in early October. However, Chainlink (LINK) has consolidated its gains with a slight dip and kept pace with the gains made by Solana (SOL). In such a scenario, investors are rushing to buy the innovative NuggetRush (NUGX)

Let’s understand the reasons behind NUGX becoming one of the best altcoins to buy.

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Chainlink Consolidates as Crypto Markets Take a Bearish Turn

The Chainlink token LINK surged to a monthly high of $8.23 on October 2 amid the relief surge in the crypto market. 

Even as the entire crypto market returned to bearish territory, the Chainlink (LINK) token has managed to withhold the storm to become one of the altcoins to watch. LINK has since dropped by only 10.5% to reach $7.36 by October 18.

LINK has managed to stay in the green zone due to the growth in the Chainlink ecosystem. First, nine different services from Chainlink CCIP were integrated across 7 different blockchains between October 9 and 15. 

Then, Chainlink (LINK) and Google Cloud entered into a partnership on October 12. Finally, ANZ Bank Australia showcased the use of Chainlink CCIP to settle tokenized transactions on October 16. 

As these developments occur around Chainlink, experts are bullish on LINK. They foresee the LINK token to consolidate further and can also rise above $8 per LINK if the market turns bullish.

Solana Update: SOL Price Surges as FTX Sell-Off Fears Cool Down

As FTX’s bankruptcy hearing is ongoing, there are credible fears of FTX dumping its Solana (SOL) holdings. However, those fears were allayed to an extent when the FTX Trust staked $150 million in Solana. The SOL staking by the FTX trust reduced the selling pressure on Solana (SOL) tokens. 

Prior to this, on October 13, the OKX Wallet announced that its users could stake Solana (SOL) tokens. Moreover, on October 16, Solana announced that its network can be used to perform transactions with USDC and other stablecoins across the world instantly. 

The average fee for these international transactions is as low as $0.00025 on average, with a high throughput. 

Due to these developments in the Solana ecosystem, the SOL token has witnessed a surge. The SOL token has risen by almost 11% from $21.15 on October 13 to reach $23.48 on October 18. This has made SOL one of the top altcoins in the current market. Crypto experts predict the surge to continue and see SOL rising above $24 shortly. 

Investors Swarm Towards NuggetRush as it Combines Profitability with Social Responsibility

NuggetRush is a blockchain-based, play-to-earn game that is owned by its community. The NuggetRush game is built on the Ethereum network. The gameplay consists of players building mining facilities with other players and mining experts. 

These facilities are then used by players to mine minerals, precious metals, and rare NFTs in the game. These assets mined in NuggetRush represent real-world items. The items mined in NuggetRush can be traded on the platform’s marketplace and used to make profits. 

Part of the profits earned by NuggetRush are used by the platform for social responsibility. They distribute a portion of the profits to artisanal miners in underdeveloped countries. 

The native NUGX token is being sold by NuggetRush in the ongoing Round 1 presale. The NUGX token is priced at $0.010 per token in the current presale stage. Once it reaches Round 2, its price will rise to $0.012 per NUGX

Adding on to the bullish sentiment, by the end of the presale, NUGX will surge to $0.020 per token. This would generate 100% profits for the early NUGX buyers. As a result, investors are rushing into NuggetRush to get their hands on the NUGX tokens. 

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