Cathie Wood: Bitcoin ETF Approval on the Horizon; InQubeta Presale Targets $15M Funding by 2024

Even as the SEC takes its time to mull applications for Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs), ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood is quite optimistic about her company’s application getting approved by the US regulatory agency. 

Apart from ARK Invest, over a dozen companies have filed applications for launching Bitcoin ETFs in the US.

InQubeta (QUBE) is another token that has captured the attention of the crypto markets. The Ethereum-based platform helps startups find investors for their artificial intelligence-driven projects.

As its unique model garnered global attention, its cryptocurrency ICO recently amassed over  $8.1 million. Analysts expect it to continue with the positive price action and have predicted that the figure might cross $15 million by 2024.

InQubeta: Turning struggling startups into empowered entities

The QUBE token has outperformed many new altcoins due to its unique features, such as providing financial support for AI startups and a staking service for its users. The platform allows staking to ensure its optimal growth. The staked assets are locked in the liquidity pool and help in creating a conducive investment environment. 

Throughout the staking period, the token holders earn crypto rewards. The InQubeta team has set up a staking pool that’s financed by tax proceeds to avoid disruptions. 

The QUBE token has boosted its popularity with a deflationary model that can be a boon during inflation. A deflationary asset controls price fluctuations by changing its availability in the market. 

When inflation rises, the token supply is restricted, which keeps prices stable and drives up demand. The combination boosts investors’ confidence in the token and keeps returns untouched.

InQubeta has been launched to help AI startups gain access to funding sources. It will help to connect investors directly with startups. 

The AI startups onboarded by the team are carefully selected through a screening process. The team selects companies depending on how well their objectives align with those of InQubeta. After the onboarding process is complete, these companies are asked to submit offers for investors, which are tokenized as NFTs. 

Next, the NFTs are sold in an online portal that also allows fractional investment. Investors compare various startup offers and buy the corresponding NFT with QUBE tokens. 

Once the funding is in place, how well it is used can also impact a startup’s growth. InQubeta helps companies make informed decisions with its business development services. These services help startups connect with experts from various domains who can guide them in their growth journeys. 

The services offered by InQubeta include mentorship support, where startups connect with AI experts and investors to learn from their experiences while learning how to resolve various challenges. 

Startups can bank on InQubeta’s marketing support to spread awareness about their brand. They can interact with experts from various domains who are a part of InQubeta and grow their network. 

The InQubeta team has charted a roadmap for its balanced development in the coming years. As its community grows, the platform plans on undertaking more marketing campaigns and ramping up its outreach. Its plans also include launching a staking dApp and getting the QUBE token listed on centralized exchanges.

Startup working on Bitcoin Depository Receipt exempted from SEC nod

Dubbed as a top crypto to invest in, Bitcoin is a permissionless digital currency used for online transactions. Its native token is BTC. All BTC transactions are confirmed by a proof-of-work protocol.

A major reason why Bitcoin hit the headlines in 2023 was due to the news of upcoming spot ETFs. Many top-notch companies, including ARK Invest, have filed applications with the US SEC to roll out Bitcoin ETFs. 

These ETFs are expected to increase companies’ exposure to Bitcoin without having to buy it. However, the delay in SEC approval has been quite unnerving for the crypto community. However, ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood is quite optimistic and has even gone ahead to admit that the company’s ETF application is very likely to be approved by the US agency. 

Amid the speculation over the SEC’s decision, a US-based startup has come up with Bitcoin securities that won’t require a green light from the US regulatory body. Backed by Franklin Templeton, the Receipts Depository Corporation (RDC) will be launching Bitcoin-based depository receipts over the next few weeks.

According to the US Securities Act, Bitcoin-based depository receipts do not require registration under the SEC.


Bitcoin and InQubeta are among the best altcoins for 2023, as these two coins have managed to remain popular and could potentially register huge rallies in 2024. The impressive gains of these two coins made sure that the crypto market was in the news every other day.

These two tokens represent the best blockchain solutions that make cryptocurrency markets more accessible for even retail users. Their code architecture and fool-proof security frameworks create a transparent and secure investment environment that crypto users can easily trust.

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