Crypto Whales Are Stacking Cardano (ADA), Tron (TRX), and Everlodge (ELDG) – Google Bard Explains Why

Recent observations hint at significant whale activities surrounding Cardano (ADA), Tron (TRX), and Everlodge (ELDG). This trend has attracted attention and sparked curiosity within the crypto community. Because of this, the AI chatbot Google Bard has provided some reasons for making all three of these tokens so appealing. 

Cardano (ADA): Whales Gather as Collaboration Prospects Soar

Cardano (ADA) witnesses a surge in whale interest, drawing attention due to potential collaboration prospects. The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has made an intriguing invitation to Sam Altman, the recently displaced CEO of OpenAI. The proposition revolves around developing a decentralized LLM within the Cardano Partner chain ecosystem. 

Google Bard’s insights point to this possible collaboration as a driving force behind whale stockpiling on the Cardano crypto. Afterward, the Cardano price increased from $0.35 on November 18th to $0.38 on November 20th. The bullish sentiment around Cardano aligns with this heightened interest, as 25 technical analysis indicators also show optimistic signals. 

Industry experts forecast its value to rise to $0.41 by December 2023 in their Cardano price predictions, solidifying the enthusiasm among whales for the project’s future potential.

Tron (TRX): Rapid Ecosystem Growth

Tron (TRX) has also witnessed notable whale accumulation, paralleling the rapid expansion of its ecosystem. Recently, Tronscan revealed that total Tron accounts have surpassed the impressive milestone of 196M. Tron’s evolution has been swift, marked by continuous efforts towards decentralizing the web. 

According to insights from Google Bard, this momentum is a crucial driver fueling whale interest in stacking up the Tron coin. Its recent performance showcases resilience, with 19 out of 30 (63%) green days and a manageable 5.18% price volatility over the past month. Also, the Tron price increased from $0.09 on October 20th to $0.10 on November 20th. 

This steady growth trajectory aligns with expert predictions foreseeing Tron’s price surging to $0.11 before 2023 ends. 

Everlodge (ELDG): Market Disruption Looms

Whale activity around Everlodge (ELDG) intensified amid growing speculation that the project could revolutionize the real estate market. Google Bard suggests that Everlodge is positioning itself as a potential disruptor within the trillion-dollar real estate industry. The integration of real-world utilities and NFT technology is a great foundation for market impact.

Everlodge will be the first property marketplace to combine NFT and timeshare technology with fractional vacation home ownership. It will digitize real-world properties, mint them into NFTs, and then fractionalize them. Even low-income traders can become fractional owners of a high-end hotel for prices as low as $100 on Everlodge. 

Additionally, Everlodge’s incorporation of secondary markets for NFTs will introduce a flexible avenue for you to liquidate your holdings. These secondary markets within the Everlodge ecosystem will allow you to sell any property-backed NFTs anytime.

The project is now in Stage 7 of its presale, with one ELDG native token worth only $0.025. Those who bought it early on are enjoying a 150% ROI. Whales are accumulating the ELDG native token as it will bring discounts, passive income through staking, and free nightly stays in various properties. Early buyers are also eligible for a Maldives holiday giveaway

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Sarah Wurfel
Sarah Wurfel

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