Cardano (ADA) Gears Up for Growth with Cardano Foundation’s Development Plan – Pullix (PLX) Poised for Strong Growth Upon Launch While Immutable X (IMX) Sees Unanticipated Price Surge

The Cardano Foundation is a not-for-profit Swiss organization that is dedicated to enhancing the digital infrastructure and public value of Cardano. It recently released a new report containing specific areas they would be working on henceforth. As this poses a brighter future for Cardano coin, investors anticipate ADA to imminently price higher.

In a surprising turn of events, Immutable X has surged past the $2.20 threshold, catching many investors off guard. Meanwhile, Pullix is equally setting a new standard for hybrid protocols while establishing itself among the best crypto investments. Notably, Pullix  has garnered significant attention in its ongoing token presale as it prepares to launch soon.  

Cardano Foundation’s 2023 Initiatives Will Boost $ADA Value

The Cardano Foundation’s 2023 Activity Report outlines initiatives that could significantly impact the value of Cardano. With a strategic focus on operational resilience, education, and adoption, the Foundation aims to bolster the global appeal of Cardano to stakeholders.

Cardano will benefit from the foundation’s advanced network monitoring and an inclusive on-chain governance model, which will instill confidence, potentially attracting more users and investors. Since the start of this month, Cardano coin is already making a recovering 9.08% weekly rise.

Cardano Foundation also plans to lay emphasis on real-world education, partnerships, and innovative tools to strengthen Cardano’s ecosystem, positioning it competitively in the blockchain space. 

Pullix (PLX) Unveils Game-Changing Features in Final Presale Stages

Pullix (PLX) aims to be one of the best players in the 2024 DeFi landscape. Offering a unified platform for buying, selling, and trading various assets, including stocks and commodities, Pullix will potentially become one of the top crypto coins this year. 

Currently priced at $0.1 in the 7th stage of its presale, Pullix has demonstrated immense growth since the commencement of the presale. Notably, the current price reflects 150% increase from the token’s initial offering price of $0.04

As the presale journey concludes, Pullix unveils two pivotal features for users: a Profit Share Model and a Token Burn feature. These additions enhance the platform’s appeal and align with its vision to seamlessly integrate centralized and decentralized finance.

Approaching the final stages of its presale, Pullix  is gearing up for a significant milestone with the platform set to launch in 30 days. Having already raised an impressive $4.8 million, Pullix enjoys robust support from a growing user base, boasting 15,000 community members.

The Pullix ecosystem has its native currency, PLX, whose stability is reinforced by allocating 10% to 30% of the platform’s earnings. This proactive measure, coupled with the introduction of a Profit Share Model and Token Burn feature, not only mitigates market volatility but also establishes PLX as the possible best crypto investment right now.

Immutable X (IMX) Surprises Investors With a Sudden Price Jump Above $2,20

In the middle of January, Immutable X priced above its $2.20 resistance threshold, however it didn’t hold for long with IMX coin plunging as low as $1.78. Conversely, Immutable X network took an unanticipated bullish turn.

This bullish turn recorded a total of 18.66% gain in the past 7 days and over 11% in the past 3 days. Immutable X is holding strongly above $2.20 resistance threshold and experts think it has the potential to approach $5 this Q1 if it prices above $2.70.

Interestingly, Immutable X network is rapidly gaining attention due to the swift rise of IMX. In the past 24 hours, the Total Value Locked (TVL) on the platform has increased by an impressive 84.48%. With a market cap increase of 12.62%, Immutable X now holds well above $3 billion.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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