Capitalize On the Bull Run: 4 Presale Projects to Position Early for the Incoming Market Explosion!

The bulls are most certainly back in the market after BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, sent in its application to introduce a Bitcoin spot ETF for institutional investors in the United States.

Although its first application was rejected, BlackRock – an institution with over $9 trillion in assets – remained undeterred as it refiled for another ETF application with the SEC.

The news helped shift the market into a bullish narrative, considering BlackRock are experts in ETFs – with over 400 registered in its name in the United States.

With the bulls back in town, traders are searching for potential gems that can provide outstanding returns during the incoming bullish surge. However, with thousands of options to choose from, it can be cumbersome to comb through all the possibilities.

Fortunately, we’ve done some digging and found four promising presale projects worth positioning yourself in early to capitalize on the incoming bull run.

Wall Street Memes – The Most Sought After Memecoin in the Sector Today With Elon Musk’s Attention

The eyes of the crypto world are all looking at Wall Street Memes as it quickly becomes one of the most sought-after memecoins in the industry today.

Investors are rushing to this project due to its unique ability to attract a cult-like following in a short period, its hilarious memes exposing Wall Street, and the attention it’s gained from billionaire investor Elon Musk.

The project only opened its presale on May 26th but has already crossed the $13 million fundraising milestone – making it one of the fastest-growing presale projects in 2023.

The project seems to have managed to strike the perfect balance between hype and FOMO – two of the biggest fundamental principles that help memecoins explode. In addition, its unique blend of internet culture, hilarious memes, and decentralized finance make it an attractive investment in the memecoin space.

Wall Street Mmees has already attracted over one million followers across its social media profiles, partly helped by its connection to Wall Street Bulls. This NFT collection sold out in thirty minutes in 2021, and the community has returned to support Wall Street Memes with the same energy.

The following was further increased after Elon Musk started to interact with the Wall Street Memes Twitter profile, commenting on the brutal truth behind some of the hilarious financial memes;

The Twitter and Tesla CEO has been a long-known lover of memes, and investors believe further interactions will help WSM reach unprecedented heights once it hits exchanges.

In addition, experts believe that the huge community puts the token in a good position to be guaranteed a major tier-1 exchange listing once the presale ends, as exchanges would capitalize on the huge trading fees generated.

Lastly, investors are confident in the team as they have demonstrated their knowledge in the memecoin space and long-term commitment to the project by not allocating any tokens for themselves.

Instead, the entire 2 billion WSM supply will be dedicated to the community, with half being sold in the presale and the other half reserved to add liquidity to exchanges and provide community rewards.

Overall, Wall Street Memes has created a project that makes satire out of the traditional financial system while providing opportunities for individuals to participate in crypto investments. 

The huge hype and FOMO behind the project make it the best token to invest in to capitalize on the incoming bull run before it starts.

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Thug Life Token – Embrace the Streets With Thug Life’s Unique Presale Proposition for a Fair Launch

The next token touted by experts to provide at least a 10x return following its presale is Thug Life Token, a project designed to give a second chance for those who have been played while trying to hustle in the degen crypto market.

The token is inspired by the Thug Life movement, popularized by Snoop Dogg, but includes humor, brotherhood, and the shared struggle of hustling in the Web3 world.

THUG, the native token, is expected to provide relatively speedy returns because it presents a unique presale proposition that guarantees a fair launch.

Instead of multiple presale stages, THUG will be sold at a single price point of $0.007 – providing a level playing field for a fair launch.

The team believes this should act as an incentive for long-term holding and help to grow a strong and united community to rally behind the token and bring it to new heights.

In addition, it will start with a very low market cap, providing enormous room for upside growth. This is because there is a $2 million hard cap on the presale – meaning you will need to be quick to get positioned in THUG.

Based on the presale price and total supply, the project’s market cap will start at $2.94 million – meaning it would only need to reach a $15 million market cap to provide 5x returns, which is easily achieved in a bull run.

Finally, the team has stated that the liquidity in the pool will be locked by Team Finance, preventing the possibility of a rug-pull or exit scam.

Overall, Thug Life Token provides a unique opportunity unexplored in the presale market, providing room for explosive growth ahead.

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yPredict – Utilize Artificial Intelligence to Become a Consistently Profitable Trader with High Token Utility

Another project worth taking an early position in for the incoming bull run is yPredict, a revolutionary AI-powered intelligence suite that provides analytics to help traders become consistently profitable.

The project has created a range of cutting-edge trading research and analytics tools for the community, which can help them make better decisions when trading in the market to become successful.

In addition, the yPredict offers a unique marketplace filled with developer-submitted market prediction models that traders can subscribe to on a monthly basis.

The best part about investing in this project is that it’s ensured its token, YPRED, has high utility – helping it to provide value and grow over the long term.

For example, users will need to own YPRED tokens to access the yPredict Analytics product, which provides traders with a financial edge in the markets.

This section contains a new breed of trading tools entirely powered by AI, capable of alerting traders to incoming breakouts and newly forming trends before they happen.

Furthermore, users subscribing to prediction models on the marketplace will pay for the subscription using YPRED tokens.

Traders can browse for the highest-performing prediction model, with 70% of the revenue shared with the developer who posts the model. The remaining revenue is redistributed into the ecosystem.

Lastly, the project also contains a free-to-use market predictions section that allows traders to check the latest asset price predictions generated through in-house developed predictive models.

This is designed to serve as an in-bound traffic system to help the ecosystem continue growing over the long term.

Overall, YPRED is expected to be one of the only new projects in 2023 that can provide enormous utility for its holders, providing it with long-term growth prospects for early adopters.

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Ecoterra – A Groundbreaking ESG-Friendly Project Rewarding Users for Recycling

The final project that will help you capitalize on the bull run is Ecoterra – a groundbreaking ESG-friendly project that’s rewarding users for recycling.

This project has taken concepts from the play-to-earn sector to create a Recycle2Eearn application that will help incentivize users to start recycling, helping push the world into a sustainable future.

The entire idea behind the project is to encourage the recycling process by providing the necessary education and incentive to help people change their habits and act in an environmentally-friendly way.

Users are rewarded every time they recycle as long as they follow the steps outlined in the app.

The first step is to use the app to scan the barcode on a recyclable item, such as plastic or glass, to get an instant quote on the rewards expected from recycling.

Next, the app directs users to the nearest Reverse Vending Machine (RVM), typically located in supermarkets in all major cities, to deposit the item for recycling.

Once deposited, users have to take a picture of the receipt and upload it to the application to receive their rewards.

It’s as easy as that!

The ecosystem also provides additional rewards for more eco-friendly actions. For example, it has a Carbon Offset Marketplace, a Recycled Materials Marketplace, and an Impact Trackable Profile to help convince others to do their part and help the world become more sustainable.

Overall, Ecoterra is groundbreaking because it uses the power of Web3 to help the world head in a greener direction. This project is expected to gain mainstream adoption due to its ESG-friendly appeal and is worth taking a position in before the bull run starts.


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