Can this Altcoin Poised for a 5000% Surge this Month Enter the Top-50 Chart?

We have seen plenty of meme coins in the past that make us question the sanity of crypto investors. The meme coin market is dumped with DOGE and SHIB knock-offs that scream a serious lack of creativity. 

But meme coins that dare to think beyond the established norms have a history of bringing eye-blinding returns to investors. Pepe was a path-breaker in this sense. Its novel theme, based on Matt Furie’s legendary ‘Pepe the Frog’ memes, went onto become a global phenomenon within a few days of its launch.

The days of Pepe are over, with the token shedding most of its value. That doesn’t mean meme coin investors are sitting idle. They are preparing for another explosion. The new meme coin to grab the spotlight is $THUG

The Baller’s Meme Coin 

$THUG’s value proposition is simple:

“Get gangsta in this market and pimp out your money game,” The project aims to build wealth for early investors tapping into community strength and speculation. 

“Unleash the $THUG hustle: rising straight outta crypto! Feel the strength of the streets as you roll with the $THUG crew. Our hood represents, driving this coin straight to the top. With no utility and nothin’ more than our shared grind, it’s time to back $THUG and aim to get paid,” the website makes its clear. 

So, yes, it is primarily hype-driven as most meme coins are. In other words, we need to look into the speculative value of the meme coin to analyse its growth potential. 

$THUG is a cryptocurrency designed based on the hype around Thug Life Memes. The memes have been widely popular for many years and is an integral part of internet culture today. They have a large fan base, who also tend to be most responsive to meme coins and Web3 assets in general. Thug Life characters like Snoop Dogg, for example, have a history of diving into the NFT market, bringing it to the mainstream. As a result, we can say that $THUG is stepping into a fertile demographic. 

A community-first project 

All crypto projects are community-centric. The solidity of a community and its trust in the project’s vision is integral to its success. They are at the heart of meme coins, in particular.

Thug Life Token has placed a special focus on building a large community of followers. To give you a better perspective, the project has set aside 70% of the token supply for the public presale. The strategy ensures that the community holds the larger share of the token supply – not the team, not private investors.   

The remaining tokens are used for marketing campaigns and community rewards. While the first goes toward spreading the word about the project and building the community, the second ensures that the community stays together in the long-term.

Most meme coins fade into obscurity over time as they fail to hold together the community and it eventually disintegrates. To avoid this, Thug Life will launch exciting giveaway competitions and contests from time to time, in addition to various marketing campaigns that feature top crypto influencers and leaders. 

Low market cap leaves room for large returns 

Another interesting feature that has led to the massive hype around $THUG is its low initial market cap. In fact, the presale hard cap is limited to $2,058,000, despite the large presale allocation that amounts to 70% of the total token supply. 

Since the presale cap is $2M, the token’s market cap on the listing will be around $3M. The significantly low number leaves large room for returns for early investors. Even if the token doesn’t make it to the $1B market cap club, huge returns of 3000% to 4000% await them.

The token presale is progressing at a fast pace, capitalising on these factors. At this pace, it will sell out in a few days, followed by DEX and CEX listings. Make sure you grab the token early at the presale to not miss out on the meme coin breakout this month. 

Can Wait Longer? 

If you can wait longer, Wall Street Memes is another explosive meme coin to buy now. Widely predicted to be the next 100X crypto, Wall Street Memes has a larger presale market cap of 30M. In a few days of its launch, the presale has raised $12M. At this pace, it won’t be long before the token sells out although not before $THUG.

But $WSM has more explosive potential than $THUG, the returns will be worth the wait. The meme coin is backed by one of the largest and most active meme communities in the world of the same name. The Wall Street Memes community is 1M members strong, which gives an edge to the WSM meme coin community. 

Moreover, Elon Musk has interacted with the WSM community. Given that the tech mogul has been integral to Doge’s rise to stardom, WSM is predicted to follow in the footsteps. Even if Elon Musk doesn’t declare WSM as the next crypto payment for Tesla’s space mission, the token can gain from the hype.

Not the first venture 

WSM is not the Wall Street Memes community’s first venture into the Web 3.0 market. It has proven its mark previously with the Wall St Bulls collection, which sold out in less than 32 minutes of launch.

The impressive feat has led analysts to predict a bigger reception for WSM on its launch later this year, capitalising on the meme coin and meme mania. 

The project’s long-term strength also looks good with a robust action plan in place for community building and expansion. A large share (30%) of the token supply is dedicated to community rewards and giveaways, the first of which is now live. It has $50,000 up for grabs, to be divided among five lucky participants who complete the tasks listed under the Gleam contest.

Wrapping Up 

Both $WSM and $THUG are excellent investments now. Not just due to their unique meme coin themes, but also community strength and expansion plans. While $WSM benefits from the backing of an already thriving 1M+ community, $THUG’s low initial market cap gives it a sharp edge.

If you’re looking for quick returns, $THUG is likely to go live on crypto exchanges soon. But $WSM has larger explosive potential due to its unique placement and the Elon Musk factor. WSM can also give high-cap cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu a run for their money. 

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Philipp Traugott
Philipp Traugott

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