Can InQubeta register millionaire gains and mimic the success of Dogecoin and Polkadot?

If there’s one cryptocurrency that analysts can’t stop talking about, it’s the newly launched InQubeta (QUBE). The platform has impressed everybody with its innovative model which helps startups working on artificial intelligence-based projects to find backers. 

Though it is still in the presale stage, it is being touted as one of the best new ICOs of 2023. So far, it has raked in more than $4.3 million in presale funding. 

Analysts believe that InQubeta could potentially fetch millionaire gains in the coming months. They also feel that it’s only a matter of time before it outperforms popular altcoins like Dogecoin and Polkadot. 

InQubeta: Exploring the potential of DeFi in AI

InQubeta is a top altcoin where AI startups can find genuine investors to back their projects and create impactful solutions. Investors also get the opportunity to invest in projects that are powered by next-generation technology and get the benefit of being an early backer. 

Its native cryptocurrency is the QUBE token, and it is used for meeting all kinds of transactional obligations on the network. Though the total availability of QUBE tokens is 1.5 billion, only 65% of it is used for presale. The rest of the supply is used for financing marketing initiatives and maintaining liquidity and rewards pools.

The QUBE token is among the best cryptos you will find in the market today because of its deflationary model. The model works to control price fluctuations in times of inflation and when markets are volatile. 

The model ensures that the supply stays scarce and less than the demand. If the supply rises beyond a certain level, it’s controlled by sending extra tokens to a burn wallet, where they are destroyed. The InQubeta team also destroys a part of the tax proceeds from every transaction to keep the supply limited.

QUBE holders also get special voting rights which they can use when other community members move proposals for protocol changes. These proposals feature suggestions that can potentially improve the protocol’s scope and are debated extensively by community members before being put to a vote. 

Dormant Dogecoin wallet moves DOGE tokens worth $372,461 after 9 years

Dogecoin is a popular meme coin that is inspired by the Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu. The top altcoin was forked from another cryptocurrency, and since then, it has been wooing people with its entertainment value. 

In the past, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has expressed his support of the meme coin. Rather than a consensus protocol, Dogecoin leverages Scrypt technology to secure its network. Its native token is DOGE, and it has an unlimited supply. Thus, there is no cap on the number of DOGE tokens a miner can generate. 

Dogecoin was recently in the news after a DOGE wallet that had been dormant for over nine years moved tokens worth  $372,461. The tokens were moved in three separate transactions, after which the address was drained completely. DOGE remains a hot bet for many users and could register another rally shortly, as per on-chain analysts. 

Polkadot considers introducing a deflationary mechanism for DOT token 

Polkadot is a top crypto to invest in and sports a multi-chain sharded protocol and facilitates data and asset transfers. The transfers are made possible through a network of sovereign blockchains called parachains. 

These parachains can connect with both public and private blockchains. Plus, sharding enables multiple transactions across these parachains, which enhances the platform’s speed and scalability. 

Polkadot is a meta protocol and can update its codebase in consultation with its token holders without requiring forking. Its native token is DOT.

Polkadot was recently speculated to have been considering a new proposal for burning revenues generated from the sale of Coretime, which is the basic unit of processing transactions. 

The move is expected to tame internal inflation and make the DOT token more suitable for earning long-term gains. According to reports, Polkadot has put forward the proposal via a new Request for Comments (RFC). 


If you look at the recent gains made by InQubeta, there’s little doubt that it is a top altcoin and is likely to ramp up its gains over the next few months. Like Polkadot and Dogecoin, InQubeta has the potential to smash crypto records and carve a niche for itself. 

What stands out about the Ethereum-based platform is the way it can drive an AI revolution by empowering startups and helping an average crypto user become a startup investor. 

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