Can Bitcoin Surpass $30,500 This Week? DigiToads and Litecoin Fuel Fresh Rally Hopes

Is your portfolio in need of some fresh price action? Recent moves by Litecoin have fueled hopes for crypto-leader Bitcoin investors, and encouraged the belief that BTC might be on the rise again. Especially as the prices of LTC and BTC are often linked. But there’s another hot new token that has started gaining traction, and its performance could start a new bull run for the entire crypto industry if gains keep going at their current pace: DigiToads (TOADS). It has everything needed for memecoin success thanks to some of the best mechanics ever seen in the crypto world, and early investors are licking their lips in anticipation of its new ico launch in a couple of weeks’ time. Let’s have a look at why it leads the pack as the top crypto to invest in right now:

Join the DigiToads (TOADS) revolution

The TOADS presale continues to break new ground at a rapid rate, but early price action isn’t the only reason we believe you should get involved: it’s also got long-term sustainability built into its model. This sustainability is multi-faceted, because it has the potential to hold onto prices and grow well into the future, while also actually giving back to the planet and helping rather than harming it. That’s because 2.5% of profits go straight into charities that help to plant rainforest trees and more, with you as a holder getting a complete say in exactly how these funds are spent.

But TOADs doesn’t just give back to the planet: it gives back to investors in a big way too. With a model that’s built for growth from the ground up, next-level earning mechanics, and fun along the way, TOADS continues to offer upsides for every type of investor. If you’re more of a passive income guy, you can enjoy TOADS’ remarkable NFT staking protocol, which uses 2% of sales to provide long-term residual income at the click of a button. By locking in trending NFTs for the longest, you’ll earn the best return rates over time. The TOADS ecosystem continues to welcome new investors at a rapid rate, and there’s still time left to lock in early discounts if you want gains all the way to the moon and beyond.

Can Bitcoin surpass $30,500 this week?

Recent analysis has shown that BTC could be entering another bull run. The biggest crypto in town is always the most popular investment for newcomers to the industry, but it isn’t necessarily the best option if you want long-term gains. That’s because even if it does fire past $30.5k, it’ll still be way down from all-time highs. And there are other options, like TOADS, which can act as the perfect Bitcoin for beginners alternative.

Ltcoin (LTC)

Litecoin has recently enjoyed some positive price action, leading investors to believe this altcoin might be about to move up the crypto charts in a big way. Originally launched as a lighter and easy-to-use payment option compared to Bitcoin, LTC often moves with BTC in price. That’s why its recent rally could mean big things for Bitcoin itself.


Both LTC and BTC could have a good few weeks if analysts’ predictions are correct. But they arguably won’t be as strong as TOADS’ moves as it heads out of presale and onto mainstream exchanges like Bitmart. There are still discounts available at $0.05 per token, increasing to $0.055 in just a few days’ time. Consider jumping on board the TOADS ride before it’s too late.

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