‘Busy’ Day of Testimony As SBF Says “I’m Not Entirely Sure” Under Cross-Examination About FTX – Full Report

The prosecution rested its case and the defense began presenting witnesses on day 13 of Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal trial. The government called its final witness in the morning before officially resting around 10:10AM.

The defense then kicked off its case, calling SBF’s Bahamian lawyer Krystal Rolle as its first witness. Questioning focused heavily on a meeting ordered by the Bahamian securities regulator shortly after FTX declared bankruptcy on November 11, 2022. The significance of this meeting and its relevance to SBF’s defense was not entirely clear.

The second defense witness, who testified before lunch, delved into computer code and data analytics pertaining to the “FTX database.” This technical testimony led to some jury members requesting a break before lunch due to boredom.

After lunch, Judge Kaplan made the surprise decision to send the jury home early in order to determine if certain parts of SBF’s testimony would be admissible.

SBF himself took the stand late in the day, initially appearing confident and collected during questioning by his own lawyer. However, his demeanor changed dramatically when prosecutors began their cross-examination. SBF appeared to melt under pressure, becoming evasive and reluctant to directly answer questions. He frequently resorted to vague phrases like “I’m not entirely sure” and “I don’t recall specifically” in response to prosecutors’ pointed questions.

Judge Kaplan continued displaying his trademark short fuse and impatience during proceedings. At one point during the cross-examination of a prosecution witness, SBF’s lawyer Mark Cohen repeatedly asked if the witness could physically see documents on the monitor. In an attempt to speed things along, Kaplan quipped: “This is not an eye exam for new glasses,” before instructing Cohen to move on. Kaplan’s sharp wit and lack of tolerance for time-wasting tactics were on full display.

The contrast between SBF’s assured morning testimony and his crumbling afternoon performance provided early insight into how he may fare under rigorous cross-examination.

The overarching questions from SBF’s testimony focused on the extent of his knowledge regarding FTX, Alameda, and related entities. Prosecutors aimed to uncover what exactly SBF knew, when he knew it, and who he consulted on legal and compliance issues.

Judge Kaplan will issue a final ruling today determining what testimony the jury can hear related to these issues. The length and trajectory of the remainder of the trial hangs in the balance based on Kaplan’s decision about the admissibility of SBF’s testimony.

Source: report by journalist Eleanor Terret on X (Twitter)

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