BTCC Announces Major VIP Program Update with as Low as 0.01% Trading Fees

Lithuania, Lithuania, September 28th, 2023, Chainwire

BTCC, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange with a long-standing presence in the industry, has recently made significant updates to its VIP program, aiming to provide more benefits to its users. The revised program offers reduced trading fees for all VIP customers and simplifies the requirements for tier upgrades. These changes are designed to improve the overall experience for active traders and also attract high-frequency traders to join BTCC’s platform.

The Remarkable Growth of BTCC’s VIP Program

To celebrate its 12th-year anniversary, BTCC introduced an exciting VIP program earlier this year, rewarding high-net-worth and high-frequency traders with advantages like reduced trading fees and premium customer support. Coupled with a newcomers’ reward campaign that provided substantial rebates of up to 10,055 USDT, this initiative has fueled a significant increase in BTCC’s active user base and daily trade volume, even during a relatively slow market period. The continuous growth of BTCC’s VIP users amidst a bear market demonstrates the platform’s stability and reliability, gaining the trust of its users.

Further Reductions in Trading Fees

Within just a few months since the program’s launch, BTCC has already announced additional reductions in VIP trading fees and lowered the entry requirements for higher VIP levels. The maximum trading fee for lower-tier VIP accounts has been reduced from 0.065% to 0.045%, while the minimum trading fees have dropped from 0.035% to 0.030%. Higher-tier VIPs are amongst the greatest beneficiaries of the update, as SVIP5 members can now enjoy as low as 0.01% trading fees. These fee reductions benefit VIP users across all tiers, including newly acquired VIP members. Particularly for frequent traders, the significant reduction in maximum trading fees serves as a strong incentive for lower-tier users to upgrade their accounts.

Simplified VIP Tier Upgrades for Active Users

BTCC has also simplified the process of moving up the VIP tiers. Users can now upgrade to the next level by meeting any one of the requirements, instead of having to fulfill both asset and trade volume requirements simultaneously. This means users can enjoy better VIP privileges simply by trading more or depositing additional funds into their accounts. For instance, a newly registered account can now reach VIP5 by meeting the tier’s 5,000 USD asset requirement, enabling them to enjoy reduced trading fees before conducting any trades or accumulating trade volume.

Comprehensive Advantages of BTCC’s VIP Program

In addition to the fee reductions and simplified upgrades, BTCC’s VIP program offers a range of enticing privileges, including premium customer support, birthday gifts, access to exclusive campaigns, and more. These existing benefits, combined with the recent improvements in the VIP program, give BTCC a distinct competitive advantage in attracting crypto traders of all experience levels.

A Resurgence for BTCC, a Crypto Pioneer

BTCC has long been recognized for its low fees, industry-leading liquidity, impeccable security track record, and excellent customer service. Now, the brand is taking ambitious steps to outperform competitors in the crypto derivatives landscape. Alongside the VIP program updates, BTCC has initiated weekly airdrops on its Twitter account to boost its social media presence and attract new users. With its continued efforts and upcoming exciting campaigns, BTCC is poised for rejuvenated growth as one of the oldest exchanges in the crypto industry.

About BTCC

Founded in 2011, BTCC has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation. Committed to delivering excellence and earning user trust, the exchange has consistently introduced features that set industry standards. As it embarks on a new decade of operation, BTCC remains dedicated to providing unmatched value to its global user base.


Aaryn Ling
BTCC Exchange

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