BTC Trade Fee Today Tops $173K As Bitcoin Fee Reducing Token’s ICO Eyes 725K Tokens Sold

Mollars initial coin offering [here] is not just an ROI opportunity to gain profits of $43 per $1 invested.  It’s much more than that. It’s offering a solution to the Bitcoin trade fees that are becoming more asinine by the year.

Just today, a Bitcoin (BTC) trade cost a crypto trader $173,148 (USD) according to Whale Alert.  That massive amount was lost in a single transaction. A fee so big it could buy a 1500 square foot home in many places.   If not that, a Bitcoin trader could have bought a near mint Mercedes G Wagon SUV if he didn’t decide to trade his $BTC today.

Two things are certain.    One, the Bitcoin (BTC) fees need a solution.   Two, perhaps there’s a dip coming that crypto whales are sensing.

Mollars Saves Dollars for Store-Of-Value Seekers

The first, the buy and sell transaction fees for the OG cryptocurrency, is now being solved. An Ethereum-Blockchain based token, Mollars, launched its token presale nearly 2 weeks ago.  It is a cryptocurrency created to be a ‘store-of-value’ token like Bitcoin but on a faster blockchain with lower fees.

As the $BTC trade today cost the crypto whale $173K (USD), it’s clear  Bitcoiners are going to be open minded to another crypto if it saves them money. At least the smart money will keep their money.

What Are The Average Fees of Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchains?

The average Bitcoin trade fee is US$39 while Ethereum Blockchain is averaging $7.    This means an average trade on the Ethereum blockchain costs nearly 20% of what BTC traders are paying for theirs.  The $173K (USD) trade would have cost the Bitcoin trader around $32K (USD) had it been a Mollars token trade instead.

This is why the Mollars ICO is being hailed as the Bitcoin Killer and has seen a remarkable surge in token sales since news reported it had only 111K tokens sold just 8 days ago.  It’s hard to imagine anyone preferring to lose $142,063 just to keep the ‘original token’ of crypto vs a newer version of it that’s better in almost every aspect.

Cathie Woods 2030 Prediction for Bitcoin (BTC) Price

Cathie Woods just predicted the ROI yields for Bitcoin over the next 14 years will be around +3386.26% with the token reaching US$1,500,000 by 2030.   However, the 2011 ICO investors of Bitcoin have already seen +20,000,000% yields, so the growth is miniscule in comparison to the risk.   Most cryptocurrency  millionaires experience their major ROI yields  by investing in the ICO,  While the $BTC has a great track record on yields, its price increases depend on demand and that demand can be cut short by a rival with less fees.

Afterall, cryptocurrency is based on the notion it saves crypto traders the bank fees and it’s decentralized, avoiding Governmental control.  Bitcoin, though ‘decentralized,’ seems to be violating the ‘rule of thumb’ that peer-to-peer payments eliminates banker fees. 

Ethereum blockchain on the other hand has successfully mitigated the fees issue.   It’s allowing peer-to-peer payments at much faster rates and only 20% of the costs Bitcoin is excavating from its holders to supposedly pay miners.  That’s why the official Mollars token will be based on the more advanced blockchain.

Mollars Won’t Be Able To Rug Pull

The new Bitcoin-fee-reducing token is also going to be decentralized.  The creator has stated in the Mollars whitepaper that the ERC-20 token will have no owner.  Nor will any person to ever own a $Mollars token get one free — alluding to the total supply of 10-million being sold in ICO or on public crypto exchanges.

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