BTC, BNB and RBLK Could Be Set To Make New Highs This Coming Week

With the crypto market inflow hitting new highs, analysts are projecting massive rallies in the coming weeks. Having maintained positive trends while moving past key resistance trendlines, there is growing optimism that Bitcoin will hit new highs in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, with the growing adoption of the BNB chain, the Binance coin price might surpass the recent ATH record in the coming weeks. In another development, Rollblock is setting the stage to take over the igaming and casino market with its innovative ideas. As such, analysts back it as one of the best crypto coins to buy now. 

Rollblock Launches $20,000 Giveaway for the Upcoming EURO Competition

As part of its effort to give back to the Rollblock community, the ecosystem has mapped out a $20,000 EURO2024 giveaway that will be shared with users who complete certain quests. Meanwhile, new users can get up to a 100% sign-in bonus when they deposit up to $500. To get started, buy the RBLK token, which is sold for just $0.014.

Early buyers of the token have gotten 40% returns as the RBLK price moved from $0.01 in stage 1 to $0.014 in the current stage 3 of the presale. Also, the team has raised over $750,000 in the presale, which could hit $1million in the coming days. As such, analysts tip RBLK as one of the best crypto coins to invest in 2024 and project 20x rallies in the coming weeks. 

If we follow the predictions of top crypto analysts, Roadblocks’ price could hit $1 before the end of the year. This could put RBLK among 2024’s hottest top crypto coins. As such, now is the best opportunity to accumulate the token without breaking the bank. Unlike other casinos Rollblock does not require users to complete a KYC when accessing their casino. To get started users simply connect their wallet or sign up with an email, these simple barriers of entry have seen a substantial increase in users which has in-turn led to an increase in investors purchasing their native $RBLK token. 

The native token, $RBLK, plays a significant role in the ecosystem, $RBLK serves as a reward for players’ activity whilst allowing holders to stake in the future for additional rewards. Alongside this Rollblock has implemented a revenue share feature which sees up to 30% of the casinos daily profit being used to; share profit amongst holders, purchase $RBLK back from the open market and burning it to further increase the $RBLK token value.

Meanwhile, security is guaranteed as all transactions in Rollblock are encrypted with blockchain technology. Regarding scalability, the Rollblock ecosystem was designed to accumulate a large audience without having issues of downtime. In terms of transparency, the platform will use blockchain technology to ensure all transactions are permanent and immutable. Above all, RBLK is a token you can’t afford to miss now. 

Top Analyst Bullish on Bitcoin Price, Forecast Bullish Rally

Bitcoin (BTC) remains the world’s top cryptocurrency, with a market cap of over $1.3T. In the past weeks, Bitcoin price has surged while targeting a retest of the all-time high of  $73,750, which it set in March. The market data shows that the Bitcoin trading volume is increasing while trading above the $66k support zone.  Meanwhile, Bitcoin has witnessed positive news in the past weeks, which could trigger massive rallies.

 A few days ago, the former US president, Donald Trump, was quoted as having called himself a crypto president. In the same vein, the CEO of the company behind Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin, Paolo Ardoino, thinks that Bitcoin is the only crypto that cannot be stopped. Top crypto analyst Rekt Capital believes Bitcoin is in the consolidation phase with a bullish rally coming soon.  

Binance Price Prediction: Is BNB on Track to Hit a New All-Time High? 

BNB is the native token of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, offering over 170 million users top-notch services. As one of the top crypto coins in the market, BNB set a new ATH record of $720.67 on June 06. While the token has retraced since then, there are higher expectations of more rallies on the way. 

Top crypto analyst LitFXMogul believes the current BNB price drop is temporary and back the token to regain its momentum soon. Although the BNB market sentiment is neutral, it is trading above the 50-day SMA. With over $2B daily trading volume and backed by the world’s number one crypto exchange, BNB price will head to the moon soon. 

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