BNB Chain Closes Out Landmark Year of Lowering Barriers to Web3 Entry

DUBAI, UAE, December 20th, 2023, Chainwire

  • 2023 saw BNB Chain launch the opBNB and Greenfield blockchains, and add support at all stages of the development lifecycle with its Builder Support Program
  • Average DAU on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) increased by 126,000 in 2023, while opBNB exhibited the highest average DAU and transaction count among major L2s launched in H2 of 2023

BNB Chain, the community-driven blockchain ecosystem that includes the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, has launched its 2023 Year in Review Campaign chronicling a landmark year that saw new blockchains introduced and Web3 builder support initiatives added across all stages of development. The campaign kicks off with a video recap from BNB Chain’s avatar brand representative, “Nex”.

Watch BNB Chain’s 2023 Recap Video

In 2023, BNB Chain launched its opBNB and BNB Greenfield blockchains on testnet, before taking both through to launch on their respective mainnets. Doubling transaction speeds and reducing fees by 30 times, opBNB reached 1.2 million within three months of mainnet launch. BNB Greenfield is empowering users to control and monetize their data and is positioned to underpin the rise of decentralized AI. These platforms work interoperably with BNB Smart Chain (BSC) according to BNB Chain’s multichain and interoperability strategy to provide a streamlined user experience.

Both opBNB and BSC hit all-time highs for transactions in late 2023. While opBNB exceeded 23 million daily transactions on December 17, BSC recorded more than 32 million transactions on December 7. BSC demonstrated consistently low gas fees during this surge.

BNB Chain also made significant additions to its Web3 Builder Support Program this year. A Founder Track was added to the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program to incubate 100 new projects on BNB Chain. BNB Chain also ramped up its post-deployment support for projects this year, launching its TVL Incentive and DAU Incentive programs to offer up to $360,000 per month to projects continuing meaningful development post-deployment.

With these additions, BNB Chain now offers builder support at every stage of the development lifecycle. This even extends to pre-ideation, with BNB Chain holding a host of global hackathons in key markets to facilitate creativity and connection between builders. Following BNB Chain’s Istanbul Hackathon in November, five new projects have already launched on BNB Chain.

Other highlights from 2023 include:

  • The BNB Chain Innovation Roadshow: March saw a series of one-day events giving builders around the world the chance to learn new Web3 skills, get noticed, make connections and push their innovation to the next level.
  • BNB Chain Hackvolution: In July this online hackathon challenged ​​developers, researchers and scientists to harness opBNB and BNB Greenfield to build next-gen dApps that push the boundaries of what is possible with Web3.
  • BNB Chain Hackathon Istanbul: In November BNB Chain’s Istanbul hackathon took place immediately following Binance Blockchain Week and offered up to $100,000 in rewards for impactful innovation across opBNB and BNB Greenfield.

Looking ahead to 2024, BNB Chain will continue to improve performance and the user experience to further lower barriers to entry for Web3.

Read more about what BNB Chain has achieved in 2023 here.

About BNB Chain

BNB Chain is a community-driven blockchain ecosystem that seeks to remove barriers to Web3 adoption. Powered by BNB, it includes the world’s largest L1 blockchain, the EVM-compatible BNB Smart Chain, and fosters a multi-chain ecosystem with BNB Greenfield and opBNB. Offering ultra-low gas fees and superior TPS, the BNB Chain ecosystem hosts thousands of dApps across DeFi, metaverse, gaming, SocialFi, NFTs and infrastructure, each of which add value to its ecosystem.

BNB Chain fosters impactful Web3 innovation with its BNB Chain Builder Support Program. This includes the MVB accelerator program, run in partnership with Binance Labs and CMC Labs.

For more, follow BNB Chain on Twitter.


BNB Chain

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