Top Crypto ICO Presale: BlockDAG Hits $50.4M Milestone as X1 App Surges, Eclipsing VeChain & Hedera

While VeChain (VET) is gearing up for a strong bullish rally, Hedera (HBAR) is preparing for a substantial mainnet upgrade, which is anticipated in June. Amidst these developments, BlockDAG’s X1 Miner App captures attention with its innovative, user-focused design, surpassing VET and HBAR. 

BlockDAG’s engineering team has recently enhanced the X1 Mobile Miner App, garnering significant interest. This innovation, combined with a user-centric approach, has propelled BlockDAG to an impressive $50.4 million in presales, reflecting a remarkable 1120% increase in price from batch 1 to batch 18, establishing it as the premier crypto ICO presale of 2024.

VeChain on the Brink of a Major Breakthrough

VeChain (VET) is positioned for a notable bullish surge, drawing analysts’ attention due to recent advances. Escaping a prolonged bearish trend, VET’s solid momentum and strong support levels indicate the potential for substantial growth.

Currently priced at $0.035541 with a market capitalisation of $2.58 billion, VET’s recent 3.21% increase signifies investor confidence. Analysts spotlight critical patterns and retracement zones, forecasting an imminent and significant breakout.

Hedera Poised for Mainnet Upgrade

Hedera (HBAR) is gearing up to upgrade its mainnet to version 0.50.4. As a decentralised public network, Hedera is tailored to create decentralised applications (dApps) and facilitate peer-to-peer payments. Its hashgraph consensus technology boosts speed, efficiency, and scalability, enabling thousands of transactions per second, making it ideal for enterprise applications. The native cryptocurrency, HBAR, powers these applications and secures the network.

BlockDAG X1 App: A Trailblazer in User-Centric Mining

The BlockDAG X1 App Miner, whose beta version was recently unveiled, showcases a blend of innovation and user-centric design, fueling the success of BlockDAG’s presale. Having raised $50.4 million and witnessing an 1120% price surge, with over 7612 miners sold generating revenue of $3.2 million, this success underscores strong investor interest in BlockDAG’s miners, particularly the X1 App Miner. The app turns smartphones into efficient mining tools using an advanced consensus algorithm that ensures energy efficiency without depleting the battery or consuming excess data. Moreover, the proof of engagement model is seamlessly integrated, making mining a breeze.

The beta version of the BlockDAG X1 miner application is accessible for download on iOS through TestFlight and Android via the Google Play Store. BlockDAG’s developers diligently enhance the user experience, delivering timely updates and resolving bugs. The app’s interface is crafted for ease and engagement, featuring a straightforward sign-up procedure, a referral program, and daily engagement rewards.

The BlockDAG tech team recently issued a Dev Release to improve the app’s stability and performance. Major updates include addressing phone number input length, resolving connectivity issues with Coinbase, limiting multiple OTP requests, improving navigation through active tabs, and enhancing overall performance.

Additionally, BlockDAG plans to introduce Blockchain Explorer to offer in-depth insights into the network, increasing transparency and usability. These enhancements affirm BlockDAG’s dedication to providing a robust and user-focused mining platform, distinguishing it in the competitive cryptocurrency field.


As VeChain garners momentum with bullish prospects and Hedera prepares for a major mainnet upgrade, BlockDAG’s X1 Miner App firmly establishes itself as a leader in the crypto arena. BlockDAG’s commitment to delivering a superior mining experience has captivated users and bolstered remarkable investor confidence. With a $50.4 million presale and a 1120% price increase since its inception, BlockDAG sets new standards for success and innovation in the crypto ICO domain.

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