BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 Sparks an 1120% Increase Amid Rising Prices of Toncoin and Celestia (TIA) Performance

BlockDAG recently introduced exciting updates during its second keynote presentation, which was delivered from a unique lunar setting. The event captured widespread attention by demonstrating significant technological progress, including the debut of the X1 Miner App’s beta version. 

This new application surpasses traditional cryptocurrency mining equipment in performance. Starting at a modest price of $0.0122, BDAG’s value has skyrocketed, marking a massive 1122% rise since its first presale.

The innovative strides taken by BlockDAG not only enhance its standing in the competitive market but also come at a time when Celestia’s value is climbing due to the integration with Manta Network, and Toncoin is experiencing possible fluctuations in value.

Potential Overvaluation Amid Toncoin’s Ascension

Toncoin (TON) has seen an appreciable increase in its value, securing a prominent position among leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation in 2024.

However, Shiven Moodley, a CryptoQuant analyst, has issued warnings regarding its potential overvaluation based on the Adjusted Sharpe Ratio, which assesses the risk-adjusted returns. 

Moodley points out that Toncoin’s week-long volatility has consistently exceeded its month-long volatility, signifying a high susceptibility to short-term market events.

This heightened volatility is attributed to speculative trades and increased user involvement from Telegram’s DeFi and GameFi sectors, hinting at a potential decrease in price. Despite a notable weekly growth, Toncoin’s price has recently dropped by 3.36% in a single day, standing at $7.38. 

Celestia’s Valuation Boost Following Manta Network Integration

Over the last week, Celestia (TIA) has shown impressive market performance. The price of TIA escalated to $8.47 by December 3 and further surged by December 6 following the announcement of Manta Network’s integration. Nevertheless, the initial enthusiasm slightly diminished, leading to a price retraction by December 10. 

Market analysts are optimistic about Celestia’s ability to sustain these gains, projecting a year-end price of $9.56, dependent on continued advancements from the Manta Network integration. This situation poses questions regarding Celestia’s potential to rank as a top cryptocurrency contender for the year 2023.

Exceptional Success from BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 and X1 Beta Miner App

The second keynote from BlockDAG, symbolically broadcast from the moon, has spotlighted major milestones and technological innovations. Praised by prominent media like Forbes and Bloomberg and backed by influential voices in the crypto community, this keynote unveiled the X1 beta App along with blockchain enhancements and updates about a dedicated human team.

Significant updates include the launch of a Low-Code/No-Code platform and scalability enhancements through DAG technology, which facilitates simultaneous confirmations of multiple transactions. The mainnet launch is scheduled four months after a mid-August testnet, with Plus Wallet as the exclusive partner.

More than 11.6 billion coins were sold in 18 batches during the presale, amassing over $51.1 million. Upcoming initiatives include a DOXing video, a documentary on development, and a $2 million incentive for 50 early participants, attracting over 60,000 entries to date.

Additionally, the X1 Miner app, now available in beta on the App Store, revolutionises mobile mining with its energy-efficient technology. The technological advancements by BlockDAG not only overshadow the growth of Celestia but also challenge other competitors like Tron (TRX), with presale batches selling out rapidly. BlockDAG’s advanced technology and market potential generate strong FOMO, encouraging investors to quickly secure their positions.

Final Thoughts

Despite its potential volatility, the surge in Celestia’s price after the Manta Network integration and the rise of Toncoin underscore key developments in the cryptocurrency sphere. 

However, the technological innovations presented in BlockDAG’s Keynote 2, coupled with the revolutionary X1 Miner beta app, distinctly set it apart from its rivals. With cutting-edge technology, swift presale achievements, and an inventive approach, BlockDAG fosters intense FOMO among investors, promising substantial returns.

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