BlockDAG Captures $51.5M After Influencer Praise; Surpasses ETC & RNDR with 1,120% Growth

The cryptocurrency market is buzzing as Ethereum Classic’s prospects darken, Render (RNDR) sees modest gains, and BlockDAG enjoys a meteoric 1,120% rise from its initial batch. Celebrated YouTube influencer Crypto Bull has proclaimed BlockDAG the most exciting upcoming crypto of 2024, thanks to its pioneering DAG-based PoW technology and unmatched potential for ROI.

His viral video has catapulted investor interest, propelling BlockDAG to amass $51.5 million in funds. Furthermore, the X100 miner’s capabilities surpass those of the top miners in the market, offering the potential for $100/day in passive earnings for miners.

Render (RNDR) Price: Will It Break $15 Soon?

Render’s price outlook is looking up following a recent 4% uptick in the last week, signaling a strong bullish trend. Currently trading at $10.42 with a market capitalization of $3.85 billion, analysts are eyeing a move towards $15, with solid support at $10. Upcoming AI-related events such as Apple’s WWDC could further elevate RNDR’s profile. However, a slight 1.16% decrease over the last 24 hours has the community closely watched the $11.5 resistance level.

Ethereum Classic’s Prospects Wane

The optimistic phase for Ethereum Classic is fading, with indicators pointing towards a bearish shift. ETC has been grappling with its $25 support level and recently struggled to maintain its $29 support, sliding from $31 to $28.6 in just ten days amid Bitcoin’s downturn. This decline has jeopardized ETC’s future, with a significant drop in Open Interest and persistent selling pressure. While a bullish recovery appears slim, it’s not clear if ETC can establish an upward trend on shorter timeframes.

BlockDAG Secures $51.5M With Influencer Backing

BlockDAG’s presale has outstripped industry giants like Ethereum, Ripple, Kaspa, and even Bitcoin, achieving a staggering 1,120% ROI for early investors, with prices soaring from $0.001 in batch 1 to $0.0122 in batch 18. Crypto Bull’s recent video spotlighted BlockDAG’s significant market impact, featuring updates from the Moon Keynote, upcoming enhancements, community initiatives, and future projections.

His coverage highlighted BlockDAG’s endorsements from prestigious outlets like Forbes and Bloomberg, the introduction of the X1 Miner App facilitating easy mining on smartphones, and the expansion of presale payment methods.

His insights into the potential Mainnet launch have spiked presale revenues to $51.5 million in under four months.

Aside from being a treasure trove for investors, BlockDAG is also a boon for novice and experienced miners. The X100 mining rig has been flying off the shelves, boasting a 2TH/s hash rate, 1800W power consumption, and an advanced cooling system that outperforms even the best Bitcoin miners. Its sleek design and Ethernet connectivity enable the mining of up to 2,000 BDAG/day in virtually any setting, and it’s also equipped for mining Bitcoin and Kaspa via its SHA-256 algorithm.

BlockDAG is on track to have the quickest batch progression in crypto history. Its impending Mainnet launch, expected in less than four months, is projected to catapult BDAG’s price from $0.0122 to $1. This could translate into daily earnings of $100 for miners, and potentially millions in the future.

Final Insights

While RNDR’s price ticks upwards modestly and ETC faces a steep decline, BlockDAG stands out as the premier crypto contender for 2024. Following extensive influencer support and a 1,120% price jump from its first batch, BlockDAG’s growth is unparalleled.

Now priced at $0.0122 in batch 18 and having raised a formidable $51.5 million from the sale of over 11.5 billion DAG coins, its X100 mining powerhouse is poised to deliver $100/day in passive income to miners post-launch, marking it as a standout investment in the bustling crypto market.

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