BlackRock Tweaks Spot Bitcoin ETF Structure; AI Crypto Readies for Tremendous Growth

The financial world is abuzz with the latest dialogue between BlackRock and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), stirring up discussions on Bitcoin ETF structures. Meanwhile, InQubeta (QUBE) is making waves with its innovative approach to AI crypto for beginners. Let’s dive into the intriguing developments in both these realms.

In-Kind Redemption vs. Cash Creation: BlackRock’s Stand

BlackRock, the financial giant, recently found itself in a high-stakes tête-à-tête with the SEC, delving into the intricacies of cryptocurrency regulations. The central point of contention? Choosing between the “in-kind” redemption model and the cash model for their avant-garde Bitcoin ETF. As the meeting unfolded, it became clear that the SEC was tilting toward a cash creation model, while BlackRock, with its formidable reputation, had a different game plan.

So, what’s the buzz about BlackRock’s fervent push for an in-kind redemption approach? Put simply, rather than swapping Bitcoin for cold, hard cash, BlackRock suggests swapping it for shares. Their recent proposal showcased a revamped in-kind model for redemptions, using slides to meticulously lay out the nuances of their preferred strategy. It’s a bold move, challenging the conventional operations of ETFs.

However, the SEC, always watchful, harbors reservations. Concerns about the influence on balance sheets and possible risks to Market Maker’s dealer/broker firm in the United States loom large. While BlackRock remains resolute, the SEC leans toward cash creation to sidestep entanglements with unregistered brokers. The tension between the two sides is palpable, yet ongoing discussions suggest a potential ETF approval on the horizon.

Should BlackRock secure the regulatory green light, get ready for a potential seismic shift in the market. Experts anticipate an influx of institutional cash that could drive Bitcoin’s value to a staggering $141,000 in the first year, attracting billions of dollars. The landscape could be on the brink of a significant transformation.

InQubeta (QUBE): AI Crypto Ready to Soar to New Heights

In the dynamic world of beginner cryptocurrency, a new player is making waves — InQubeta (QUBE). It’s the world’s first crypto crowdfunding platform tailored explicitly for AI startups, rewriting the rules on how these groundbreaking ventures raise funds and engage with their community. As top crypto coins like Bitcoin are experiencing fluctuations in price, the InQubeta presale is becoming a beacon for investors seeking promising opportunities.

The presale, with its ten stages, is currently in its sixth phase, attracting investors with its groundbreaking approach. InQubeta (QUBE) has already raised an impressive $6.4 million, with an expanding base of investors recognizing its substantial potential. It’s not just a fundraising event but an opportunity for investors to get in early on one of the best DeFi projects poised for significant growth.

Participating in the presale is a straightforward process. Investors can secure QUBE ERC20 coins early by using BTC, ETH, or USDT. The presale acts as a gateway for early backers to position themselves strategically within this innovative project. InQubeta’s NFT marketplace adds another layer to this, turning investment opportunities into the coolest NFTs and allowing AI startups to present their projects to a broader audience.

InQubeta doesn’t stop there. It also offers a suite of features to incentivize and empower QUBE token holders. Advanced staking allows investors to unlock rewards from the 5% sell tax directed to a dedicated reward pool. The QUBE tokens also double as governance tokens, providing holders with a voice in shaping the platform’s future. This democratic and community-driven approach ensures active participation and engagement within the ecosystem.


As we witness BlackRock navigating the regulatory landscape and InQubeta (QUBE) setting the stage for AI crypto growth, it’s an exciting time for crypto enthusiasts. If you’re intrigued by the potential of InQubeta and want to be part of this revolutionary crypto experience, visit their website or Twitter to learn more. 

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