BlackRock, Grayscale, Others to End Crypto Ideals and ‘Bite’ BTC Traders, Expert Reveals How to ‘Escape’ Their Influence

The SEC recently approved 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs, clearing the way for major Wall Street institutions like BlackRock and Grayscale to make large plays in the crypto markets. These huge corporations now have the green light to buy up significant amounts of BTC, which one expert, BitcoinHabebe warns could “bite” retail crypto traders.

As he said, this poses a major threat to crypto’s foundational ideals:

“Having those big corporations in crypto and having them buy majority of #BTC is never a good thing. It stands against everything we support and it will eventually come back to bite us.”

Centralization Risks on the Horizon

The expert argues that the growing corporate influence is slowly eroding crypto’s decentralization – a core tenet of the industry. They said: “The whole reason of crypto is to be away from government control but we are slowly getting back to ground 0. There will come a time in which they will control the #Crypto market too and everything will be monitored.”

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According to them, increased monitoring and control by centralized entities like governments and big institutions may be inevitable as Wall Street cements power over BTC markets.

Time Running Out for the Great Escape

Given the risk of creeping centralization, the expert recommends retail traders take matters into their own hands:

“We need to make as much money as possible this #Bullrun and then escape.”

In other words, crypto holders should ride the current bull market to peak prices and ditch their holdings before corporate whales, monitoring, and centralized control distort the industry’s ideals beyond recognition. The window for this great escape appears to be closing rapidly.

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Temitope Olatunji
Temitope Olatunji

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