Bitgert’s 200% Surge: Insights and Predictions for This Week

The whole crypto world has been abuzz over this expected 200% climb of the altcoin Bitgert this week. Investors would be getting set, perhaps, to make some handsome profits countering a follow-up on the altcoin’s movement.

About The Bitgert Project

With a forward-looking initiative, the Bitgert team has developed a fast, safe, and scalable blockchain ecosystem known as the Bitgert BRC20, targeting the current limitations of the blockchain. This ecosystem provides services at 100,000 TPS with near-zero gas fees, catering to products like DeFi, NFT, Web 3.0, and Metaverse.

This puts Bitgert at an advantage, as it can provide real utility, including the Bitgert Paybrise, which allows users to pay merchants instantly. An ecosystem using this token will also have a multicurrency crypto wallet, a decentralized exchange named BRISE Swap, and a staking program. 

The native token is $BRISE, and it powers the ecosystem. Token distribution sets 50% to initial burn, 38% to liquidity, 7% for future development and marketing, and 5% to the dev team. Every passing transaction fee of the buyback mechanism continues to fill to 5% for each redirection division; 3% fills the marketing wallet, while 4% provides staking rewards.

Bitgert has a strong team of developers who are highly experienced and committed to delivering effective and efficient results—a feature that gives this project the potential to succeed in enhancing digital asset adoption.

Bitgert’s 15-Day Market Performance Analysis

Over the last 15 days, Bitgert has shown some performance volatility. The coin’s value started on May 27, with a market capitalization of $62,351,006 and a close price of $0.000000157224. Both have now edged up to $70,359,444 from June 6, registering gains in market cap of 12.8% in the period where it closed at the highest, at $0.000000177845 on that day itself, to the tune of 13.1%.

The highest trading volume occurred on June 8, amounting to $16,404,957. Despite this peak, the market cap moved to $61,629,583 on June 10, marking a 12.4% decrease from the highest value. Nevertheless, the altcoin’s trading activity remained strong, indicating that investors’ interest in the market remained and their participation was sustained. This translated to $62,047,206 on June 9 as the worst market cap.

Partnerships And Collaborations Formed By Bitgert

Bitgert is in a new partnership with Phantom Arena, having an airdrop giveaway to celebrate their collaboration. This will keep up Bitgert’s exposure and will bring more users in.

Another interesting tie-up is with Kult Games, where Bitgert had announced the hosting of a Genesis NFT giveaway. This would fare well in making sure the user has more experience and more exclusive offers regarding NFTs in the store. A little newer to this, Bitgert partnered with QuantAI, completely changing the game within the cryptocurrency industry by leveraging strong know-how in blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Bitgert is likewise in line with innovation. It is now rolling out a state-of-the-art real estate marketplace that leverages Web3 technology. The trading of properties promises to be smooth, decentralized, and secure for users on the platform.


With strategic partnerships, ongoing developments, and utility-based innovations, Bitgert is definitely headed for exponential growth in the coming days. However, investors always need to stay ready and careful with token projects—a good analysis should be in place occasionally, and review sites should be vested before making the final purchase.

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