Bitgert Price Explosion: +400% Increase Forecasted This Week

It’s time to get ready for liftoff! Bitgert price predictions expect to skyrocket an incredible +400% increase this very week. Such an astronomical increase is set to herald new life for the crypto space, as the signals could not be any stronger for investors to ignore this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

About Bitgert

Bitgert coin (BRISE) is rebranded from the previously named Bitrise Token. In just 200 days of its initial launch, Bitgert came up with diverse, innovative blockchain-centric products to entice enthusiastic altcoin buyers who seek utility-driven project investments. Products include a wallet, a BEP20 swap feature, highly secure audit solutions, and, later on, Bitgert’s own custom blockchain. The current trading price of Bitgert coin is  $0.000000222935, with a recorded 24-hour trading volume of $2,212,618. 

The EVM Compatible Bitgert Chain

The ecosystem demonstrates very low transaction fees of $0.001 per transaction cause of its EVM compatibility. It relies on a PoA (proof-of-authority) consensus mechanism, helping it achieve a throughput of 100,000 TPA while eliminating intensive mining, catering to much lower carbon emissions than the conventional PoW mechanism. Such aids with efficiently secure cross-chain interoperability. Bitgert’s founding team is consistently driven to develop more and more custom-chain web3, Metaverse, and NFT-centric projects to keep Bitgert’s affinity strong towards the innovative front, expecting to fuel future sustenance and value surges.

Bitgert’s Unique Tokenization

The total cumulative supply of Bitgert coin has been found to be 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens, distributed 50% towards the initial burn, 38% to liquidity, 7% towards future development prospects, and 5% static for the development team. The token’s buyback mechanism (5% buyback tax charge on each transaction) is allocated to automatic token purchases from the liquidity pools, followed by immediate burns. This burn translates to a new BNB token being added to the pool, reducing BRISE tokens from the pool to maintain token scarcity for pricing corrections.

Last 7-Day Market Performance

The previous week saw a fairly dynamic performance for Bitgert in the market, with a cap of $96,107,069 on March 27th. By the next day, it had risen to $95,034,497, even with Bitgert’s price dropping from $0.000000243592 to $0.000000236637. The price, however, had surged to $0.000000249158 by March 29th, overcoming the growth in the market cap to $93,725,903. The slightly reversed bullish trend by March 31st, where the price had corrected to $0.000000236347 amid stable market cap fluctuations. Notably, by April 1st, the two had receded slightly to a market cap of $93,467,497 and a price of $0.000000226509. As of April 2nd, the price reflects a market capital of $89,668,832. April’s initial performances, when compared to the week earlier, indicate wild swings at times, with both bullish peaks and corrective dips.


Riding with Bitgert, overall performance signifies a blockbuster week ahead as the journey strengthens an innovative utility-led ecosystem for a +400% price eruption. Investors can expect monumental gains with this thrilling crypto voyage, but cruise with astute caution.

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