Bitcoin’s Price Surges to $26,000 as BlackRock Enters the Scene – 3 Explosive Projects Poised for Massive Growth

Amidst the recent turbulence in the Bitcoin market, a glimmer of optimism emerges as BlackRock, a global investment powerhouse, makes a bold move by applying for a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF).

This groundbreaking development indicates BlackRock’s initial foray to finally enter the crypto space, igniting a surge of bullish sentiment throughout the market.

The resulting momentum pushed Bitcoin’s price above the critical $26,000 threshold, positioning it at the upper boundary of the consolidation pattern observed since mid-April. Should the current pattern break, it could signify the onset of an incoming bullish surge, potentially pushing Bitcoin toward the $30,000 mark.

In this article, we delve into the key resistance levels to monitor while uncovering three explosive projects primed for substantial growth with an imminent upside breakout.

BlackRock’s Bid for Spot Bitcoin ETF: Will the Financial Giant Succeed in This Game-Changing Move?

Despite the ongoing regulatory pressure on the crypto industry from the US regulators, BlackRock filed its application to launch a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF), causing an optimistic buzz in the market.

The application, which was filed to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on June 15, states that the financial powerhouse intends to use Coinbase Custody Trust Company as the primary custodian for Bitcoin holdings, with the Bank of New York Mellon holding custody of the ETF’s fiat.

If accepted, this would be the first US-approved ETF to hit institutional markets, pushing the cryptocurrency asset into a new tier of respectability for investors. Furthermore, the fact that BlackRock, an institution with over $9 trillion in assets, is leading the charge would put Bitcoin in front of investors who were previously reluctant to enter the crypto markets due to the lack of controls and regulations.

Overall, the news has sparked a wave of excitement within the industry as Bitcoin surges back above $26,000 – removing the negative sentiment hanging over the market over the past two weeks.

Bitcoin Price Skyrockets Over $26,000, But Can It Break the Current Consolidation Pattern? Here Are the Levels to Watch

The ETF application announcement allowed Bitcoin markets to rebound, allowing the number one ranked cryptocurrency to reclaim territory above $26,000. Despite the optimistic surge, it’s important to note that Bitcoin is now facing resistance at the top of a descending wedge pattern that it has been trapped in since mid-April;

A breakout above this pattern would signal a bullish surge higher to the $30,000 level, opening the doors for fresh 2023 highs above $31,000 later down the line. However, it’s important to wait for a daily closing candle above the resistance to act as a confirmation.

On the other side, with the overhanging regulatory pressure facing the industry, the resistance could cause a rollover here and cause BTC to head lower throughout the rest of the week.

Specifically, the resistance lies at $26,950. Resistance above the wedge then lies at $27,750 (Jan 2021 lows), $28,225, and $28,650 (June 2021 lows). Additional resistance lies at $29,350, $29,890, and $30,000.

On the other side, the first level of support lies at $26,340. This is followed by $25,850, $25,415, and $25,000. Beneath this, the final barrier of support lies at the lower angle of the wedge pattern.

Unveiling the Projects Primed to Thrive Amidst Bitcoin’s Price Surge

Despite the industry’s renewed optimism, experts are urging investors to explore the realm of low-cap crypto projects poised for long-term growth. Their rationale lies in the consistent track record of these projects delivering returns exceeding 10x, outpacing the potential gains offered by more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with their higher market capitalizations.

More specifically, industry experts believe investing during the presale stages allows investors to protect their capital during the looming uncertainty as their markets are closed – preventing any downside potential. In addition, most presales use increasing pricing strategies, meaning investors typically leave the presale with significant unrealized gains as soon as the token launches on exchanges.

Navigating the multitude of presales available can be daunting, but fear not. We have identified three upcoming projects currently running presales that warrant careful consideration for investment.

Wall Street Memes – The New Memecoin Coming for the Throne

The first presale project worth looking into is Wall Street Memes, which represents the Internet’s triumph over capitalism. Wall Street Memes was born from the GameStop fiasco of 2021, where the little guy challenged Wall Street to a battle at their own game and sent the greedy capitalists tumbling into bankruptcy. Now, Wall Street Memes is back to tokenize that movement through the WSM token, allowing people to engage in the speculation with an additional dose of humor to go alongside it.

Wall Street Memes has already raised over 8.5 million dollars in its fundraising effort in under one month. This makes it one of the fastest-growing presale projects of 2023 and one of the most sought-after presales in the memecoin sector as investors quickly flock to the memecoin, curious to see its long-term prospects.

With a following of over one million people across social media platforms, attention from high-profile investors, and the potential for immediate tier-1 exchange listings – it’s not surprising to see the Wall Street Memes presale grow incredibly fast.

The project embodies the two core principles that cause memecoins to explode – hype and FOMO. The FOMO is already starting to set in as the fusion of internet culture, meme-based humor, and decentralized finance is attracting a wave of investors to the presale.

In addition, the hype is also setting in as investors start to learn about the high-profile entrepreneurs showing the project is already on their radars. For example, Elon Musk – the legendary Dogefather and CEO of Twitter and Tesla – has interacted with the Wall Street Memes social media profile several times, adding to the hype that another Tweet from the world’s richest man would send WSM much higher.

Furthermore, the social media profiles for Wall Street Memes already have over one million followers, showing the hype behind the project. The project has garnered so much attention because it’s connected to Wall Street Bulls – an NFT collection that sold out its entire collection in 2021. Now, that same community is back to support Wall Street Memes to the fullest.

Lastly, the fact that the project has a one-million-strong following puts it in a guaranteed position for a major tier-1 listing in the future – with many analysts speculating that Binance will likely list the token to take advantage of the enormous trading volume once it’s launched.

The Wall Street Memes presale continues gaining momentum as it approaches the $9 million milestone. Investors are confident in the project’s future potential because the team hasn’t allocated any WSM for themselves – indicating their long-term commitment to the project. Instead, the entire supply is dedicated to the community, with 50% sold in the presale and the other 50% reserved to add liquidity to centralized and decentralized exchanges.

As the WSM presale uses a rising pricing strategy, it’s important to get positioned in this presale as early as possible to take advantage of the lower prices and leave the fundraising with higher levels of unrealized returns.

yPredict – Using the Power of AI to Make Consistently Profitable Traders

The next project poised for massive growth if the BlackRock ETF is approved is yPredict, an AI-based trading research and analytics platform that provides traders with alternative data to help them make wiser trading decisions. A group of AI/ML experts, financial quants, and successful traders came together to create a range of state-of-art financial prediction models to help traders make more accurate trading decisions.

The platform contains a suite of products that users can access to help them become more in tune with the market and consistently profitable. Furthermore, the project has ensured that its token will retain its utility as it’s required to access its flagship features.

The first product worth mentioning is the Market Prediction section, which allows users to check the latest asset price predictions generated through in-house developed predictive models. This part of the platform is totally open and free for everybody as it serves as an inbound traffic avenue for the ecosystem.

The next noteworthy product is the yPredict Analytics suite, providing traders an edge in the financial markets. This section utilizes artificial intelligence to help auto-detect over 100 chart patterns to alert traders when a new breakout or trend is emerging. Furthermore, the AI will provide a confidence score so traders can know how likely the prediction will be. This section requires users to hold YPRED tokens to access, providing YPRED with significant utility.

The yPredict Marketplace is perhaps the flagship feature for the entire ecosystem. This product allows AI and ML experts to list their own financial prediction models as a results-as-service product. Traders can browse the highest-performing prediction models and subscribe to the service on a monthly basis using the YPRED token. 70% of the revenue generated goes directly to the developer who listed the prediction model, with the remaining being injected back into the ecosystem.

Overall, yPredict has created an intuitive utility platform that will help traders become more profitable while creating an ecosystem where the token will always retain its value. At its current stage, the ongoing presale has reached its sixth phase, offering the token at a price of $0.09. Anticipated to be listed on exchanges at $0.12, the YPRED token holds the promise of substantial returns, making it an enticing opportunity for early investors. – The User-Friendly Solution to Web3

The final project poised for explosive growth is, a groundbreaking Web3 solution that provides users with all the resources required to identify and invest in the next trending Web3 investment. The project wants to change how people make investments in the Web3 space by offering trading alpha and insights on crypto and NFT investments in one place.

The best part about this project is that it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help users find the next best NFT to buy, upcoming utility tokens, and budding presales to invest in. Furthermore, it also helps users identify fractionalized assets, P2E ecosystems, and metaverse projects expected to explode.

The entire idea behind is to humanize how people interact with Web3 by making the interface more inviting, inclusive, and easy to access. It lets users identify a potential Web3 investment and invest in it without having to leave the platform. The consumer-centric portal wants to make Web3 more accessible by helping users overcome the technical jargon associated with the industry.

Lastly, the project has developed an intuitive AI to help rank the best opportunities in the market. Dubbed Launchpad Quotient, the AI gives users a single value to denote the risk-to-reward opportunity with any potential Web3 investment. Using live data with up to 400 data points, the bespoke AI model will let users find emerging patterns and alert users to take advantage of the opportunity. is currently surging through its presale as it crosses the $1 million fundraising milestone. The current price for the LPX token is $0.0445, but this will rise to $0.046 in the next presale stage, so it’s essential to get positioned as early as possible to leave the presale with higher unrealized returns.

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