Bitcoin’s (BTC) Historic High Expected Within a Year; Trader Expects 2,230% Rally in Celestia (TIA) and InQubeta (QUBE)

Multiple industry experts have been sharing speculations about where Bitcoin (BTC) will hit following its push above $40,000. They’ve projected that the Bitcoin halving event and the potential approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF could push the price of BTC to a new historic high of around $80,000 within a year. This prediction is likely since Bitcoin is up more than 150% from last year, signaling bullish strength.

As bullish momentum in the market increases, Celestia (TIA) and InQubeta (QUBE) are pulling impressive numbers that have triggered bullish expectations. Celestia executed over 360,000 transactions in the first couple of days after its launch. Meanwhile, InQubeta recently delivered milestone achievements during its ongoing crypto ICO event. These successes have stirred traders’ expectations of a 2,230% surge for both tokens. 

Let’s explore upside expectations for BTC, TIA, and QUBE.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Early Stage Performance Hints At Potential For Meteoric Growth 

Over the past months, InQubeta has risen to cement itself as the best crypto investment for investors looking to get into the AI market at a discount. The InQubeta cryptocurrency platform offers NFTs that have the value of AI investments minted into them for investors to buy at a fractionalized rate. In addition to profits from the platform’s staking mechanism and multiple reward pools, QUBE holders can make millions when they purchase these NFTs, making QUBE the best crypto to invest in for the next bull market.

The crypto ICO price of QUBE is currently $0.01925, which is lucrative because QUBE is set to deliver 60% returns to investors who get in now. Massive buying pressure surrounding the presale has earned the platform a milestone sale of over 676 million tokens and raised over $7.6 million. This stellar performance solidifies its potential to deliver on its promised gains for investors, making it the best crypto investment.

After the end of the presale, InQubeta will begin listing places that will debut QUBE on top exchanges, like Uniswap and CoinGecko. Traders and investors believe that the cryptocurrency could record high trading volume and adoption rates when InQubeta launches, and they expect this frenzy to drive QUBE up by over 2,230% before the end of 2024, increasing QUBE’s appeal as the best crypto to invest in before next year. QUBE is already up 175% since the beginning of the presale, sparking confidence in the platform.

Celestia’s (TIA) Platform Development Prepares It To Skyrocket 

Celestia is a newly launched modular blockchain that continues to command traders’ appetites despite muted growth in on-chain activity. TIA has increased since Celestia released its fallback option to reduce delays and errors on the mainnet. Investors who got in immediately after the platform launched are now up over 600% because the resulting bullish sentiment sent TIA as high as $14. 

Despite recent corrections, experts believe that Celestia might surge into next year. Out of 1 billion hard-cap tokens, just 141 million are in circulation, which has caught the attention of investors. Traders also believe that more investors are bound to troop into the platform because of its Ethereum fallback option, which positions it as a better option than the competition from Near Protocol (NEAR) and Arbitrum (ARB). This advantage is expected to spark a 2,230% push for TIA.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) Impact Events Could Push It To New Highs 

Bitcoin has experienced exceptional performance this year, and experts expect the trend to continue. They’ve projected that the value of BTC could hit new all-time highs of $80,000, driven by the belief that recent institutional interest could introduce fresh capital to the markets, especially with the growing possibility of a Bitcoin ETF. They also believe that the Bitcoin halving event will prevent $6.2 billion in Bitcoin from flowing into the markets next year, driving BTC’s value. Bitcoin’s venture into Web3 with the creation of Ordinals (ORD) also speaks positively about BTC‘s potential to deliver new highs.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin, Celestia, and InQubeta are all promising projects with impressive performances this year. While Bitcoin and Celestia are up over 150% and $600, respectively, InQubeta is up 175% and is about to speed through its ongoing presale. Despite being an upcoming cryptocurrency, InQubeta has the potential to make investors multi-millionaires with its offerings of AI investment opportunities and a fast-selling presale. The ongoing 15% bonus on any QUBE purchase is an excellent opportunity to get in cheaply.

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