Bitcoin Surpasses $34K; Decentraland, Kava & InQubeta Rise

Bitcoin’s recent surge to $34,000 not only brought some cheer for the BTC token loyalists but also led to a rally for other top crypto coins like InQubeta (QUBE), Decentraland (MANA), and Kava (KAVA). 

Analysts have also noticed an uptick in the performance of the three tokens. While Decentraland and Kava have always been known for their strong use cases and long-term potential, InQubeta’s growth has taken many experts by surprise, especially because it was released just a few months ago. 

The Ethereum-based platform assists startups in the artificial intelligence sector in scoring funding for their projects. InQubeta uses its model to leverage startup talent while promoting the use of AI in different industries. 

Another factor for InQubeta’s recent popularity is its recent presale achievements. The crypto project is in its fourth presale stage but its funding has already crossed $4.1 million. Coupled with its cutting-edge features, InQubeta’s potential makes it one of the best altcoins to buy now.

InQubeta: A DeFi platform for AI startups 

InQubeta exemplifies the kind of impact that two pioneering technologies AI and blockchain can drive together. The platform brings AI startups and investors together on one platform while helping them cash in on each other’s strengths and grow. 

Startups get ample resources to fuel their growth resources and investors get to choose from a wide array of future-ready projects leveraging AI. InQubeta has a native cryptocurrency that determines all transactions processed in its ecosystem. 

Its native cryptocurrency is called the QUBE token and it’s based on the ERC-20 standard.

The total quantity of QUBE tokens available is 1.5 billion, however, only 65% of it will be made available for purchase. 

The rest of the tokens will be used to complement the platform’s growth by financing marketing campaigns, paying legal advisors, and maintaining rewards and liquidity pools, among others. 

A good crypto to buy should always work towards offering its users the best deal on returns. InQubeta does just that with its deflationary model. The model has an anti-inflationary character that helps in protecting returns on the QUBE token when markets are volatile. 

The model mandates that the supply is regulated in a way that it always is less than the demand. The more scarce the supply, the lower will be the price fluctuations. As a result, the token value stays stable even when inflation is high.

Kava unveils one-click bridge for transfer of USDT on Cosmos

Kava is a Layer 1 blockchain that combines the capabilities of Ethereum and Cosmos networks to create a highly scalable decentralized protocol. With Kava, developers can look forward to creating high-performance dApps that sport features like enhanced security, speed, and scalability. 

The platform’s native cryptocurrency KAVA is the official medium of the Kava ecosystem. 

Kava was recently in the news with the launch of its one-click bridge for transferring USDT tokens to Cosmos blockchains. 

Analysts have predicted a strong rally for KAVA in the long term as the platform has managed to form important partnerships with enterprises. 

Halloween-themed crypto art attracts record users on Decentraland

Decentraland has been designed as a virtual reality platform where users can create content and dApps, and monetize them. Inside the Decentraland ecosystem, users can purchase plots of virtual land with its native token MANA, and then build on it. The MANA token is used for various transactional purposes.

In a recent development, MetaMask and Deadfellaz unveiled an exciting crypto art event called ‘Infected S3’ on Decentraland Metaverse. The event is based on the theme of Halloween and will continue till November 6. This is the third edition of Deadfellaz’s ‘Infected’ series. 

At the event, participants can look forward to experiencing a never-seen-before digital art gallery and participate in ‘Candy Quest’ to bag digital candies which will provide access to virtual treasures. Decentraland could potentially register a bullish rally as it is becoming a virtual ecosystem for hosting events. 


The cryptocurrency market has managed to continue its growth momentum while braving some tough times. If analysts are to be believed, it was the steady performance of tokens like Bitcoin, InQubeta, Decentraland, and Kava that helped it soldier on. 

As newly launched tokens like InQubeta woo users with their unparalleled features and growth potential, it stands a good chance of becoming one of the best crypto investments of 2023. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the presale of this upcoming new cryptocurrency. Presale tokens can potentially post king-sized gains in the long term. 

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