Bitcoin Slumps Don’t Shake Strong Institutional Interest; 2024 Bullish on Ethereum, GameFi

Notable crypto analyst Wu Blockchain recently posted key findings from research reports compiled by 23 top institutions regarding institutional investment trends for the first half of 2024. The reports highlight continued interest in Bitcoin as a dominant store of value, with layer-2 scaling solutions like Ethereum’s optimistically viewed for growth potential.

Bitcoin Remains Primary Store of Value Asset

A key takeaway is that Bitcoin remains the primary institutional investment focus due to its position as the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and its reputation as “digital gold.” While Bitcoin went through volatility in early 2024 after Bitcoin ETF approvals in the US, dropping from $48k to $38k before recovering to $43k, institutions remain confident in its long-term value proposition. With increased mainstream adoption and formal regulations still being established, Bitcoin is seen as a relatively safe bet for institutional capital allocations in crypto.

Ethereum Scaling Solutions Gain Steam

The reports also indicate optimism around layer-2 scaling solutions building on Ethereum, like Optimism and zkSync, which aim to improve transaction speeds and reduce network congestion. As decentralized applications continue trending, Ethereum remains the go-to smart contract platform, and institutions appear excited by the scope for scalability improvements to support further growth.

Emerging Sectors Like GameFi and AI Draw Interest

In terms of emerging areas, research reports suggest strong institutional interest in sectors like GameFi, AI combined with blockchain, zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), modular blockchains, and decentralized identity or “De-PIN.” GameFi and play-to-earn concepts are likely seen as ways to enhance mainstream adoption among retail users. Meanwhile, sectors like AI, ZKPs, modularity, and De-PIN appear well-aligned with larger blockchain trends around scalability, privacy, and mainstream use-cases.

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But Some Sectors Remain Speculative

That said, some fringe sectors like NFTs, crypto-collateralized stablecoins (RWA), and social tokenization face more skeptical institutional views. While popular among retail investors, areas like non-fungible tokens and RWA models seem prone to speculation according to the reports. RWAs, or real-world assets, are digital tokens that represent physical and traditional financial assets like currencies, commodities, equities and bonds. Institutions may currently view these emerging technologies as higher risk until regulatory guidance and infrastructure matures.

In summary, institutional investors seem focused on the more established crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum to start 2024 while keeping an eye on growing areas like AI, gaming, decentralization solutions. But more speculative applications like NFTs and cryptocurrency-based stablecoins may stay on the sidelines without clearer regulations. Of course, as the crypto industry evolves at a breakneck pace, investment priorities could shift at any time.

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