Bitcoin Ordinals Team Launch NGO, DigiToads Will Pour Millions For Amazon Preservation

The cryptocurrency market has been making waves with innovative projects that are seeking to combine charity with DeFi solutions. Bitcoin Ordinals was in the news after the team announced its plans to open an NGO to promote development. Another example is that of DigiToads (TOADS) which has pledged to donate a part of its annual profits to preserve rainforests in the Amazon.

Not only this, DigiToads has been garnering global attention with its hybrid DeFi model which allows its users to multiply their crypto gains with a wide range of opportunities for earning passive income. Having completed nine out of 10 presale stages, DigiToads has raised more than $6.7 million in presale funding.

DigiToads: Saving rainforests across the world with profits gained from DeFi solutions

DigiToads is a leading crypto project that is powered by a hybrid Defi model. What makes it unique is that crypto users can explore multiple opportunities for earning passive income on the platform. Plus, its user-friendly interface enables them to not only become financially independent but also learn about cryptocurrency trading for beginners. The platform has a native cryptocurrency called the TOADS token and it’s used for executing all transactional purposes on the network. The TOADS token is powered by the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum network and has a deflationary character. 

By opting for DigiToads, crypto users won’t have to worry about what crypto should I buy for a long time as it has a multitude of opportunities that one can explore. The ecosystem includes a Web 3.0 game that features amazing graphics, exciting gameplay, and lucrative rewards. The players compete in a Metaverse swamp and try to score high. The players ending a season with the highest scores are rewarded with TOADS tokens. 

To increase their chances of winning, players can buy in-game assets like the DigiToads – a unique type of virtual creature with special traits and massive strength. These DigiToads are your best bet when you are struggling to get a lead on a competitor. The only problem is that each DigiToad will have a different set of powers, so sometimes it’s difficult for a player to know if their rival has a more powerful DigiToad.

Players can solve this problem by simply buying more food and potions for their DigiToads and boosting their strength. There’s also training equipment available for these digital creatures. The tokens amassed from the sale of these in-game assets are used for expanding the prize pool of the game.

Apart from being one of the best new icos of 2023, DigiToads is a crypto project that’s committed to the cause of environmental conservation. The DigiToads team will be donating 2.5% of the annual profits every year to an organization that’s involved in the preservation of rainforests like the Amazon and planting more trees. Similarly, the team will be giving away the proceeds collected from its upcoming official merchandise range to organizations working for conserving the environment. The organizations that receive these donations will be picked out by the community members through a vote.

Bitcoin Ordinals: Deploy NFTs on Bitcoin directly

Bitcoin Ordinals is a decentralized protocol that assigns a unique identifier to individual Satoshis operating on the Bitcoin network and gets transacted with additional data. A Satoshi is the basic unit of a Bitcoin token. A single BTC token is composed of 100,000,000 satoshis.

The key advantage of the protocol is that developers can create NFTs directly on the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin has remained popular as it is the pioneering cryptocurrency and ordinals have managed to increase the overall functionality of the BTC network. 


While both cryptocurrencies have their strengths, DigiToads enjoys an upper hand over Bitcoin Ordinals because of its hybrid DeFi model which boosts its capacity to fetch returns over the long term. The hybrid DeFi model helps users earn passive income with multiple sources and then leverage them for building a sustained source of income.

The platform also has a decentralized governance structure that encourages its community members to participate and also rewards them for their effort. The top altcoin also provides the token holders full freedom to express their concerns about operational issues, make suggestions and even move proposals to get them implemented. 

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