Bitcoin ETF Token Surges as Heavyweight BlackRock Submits S-1 Document and Bitwise Drops Commercial – Last Chance to Buy!

The presale for Bitcoin ETF ($BTCETF) surged further today after optimism surrounding an imminent SEC approval for the Bitcoin spot ETF continues.

Heavyweight finance giants recently submitted an S-1 form to the SEC, adjusting their ETF strategy to appease the SEC, leading many analysts to believe the approval is pretty much guaranteed.

Furthermore, Bitwise recently dropped its ETF commercial as their confidence grows that approval is highly likely.

As a result, Bitcoin ETF token continues to gather momentum as it’s the only project that provides direct exposure to the SEC approval, allowing investors to profit from the monumental event.

With the presale approaching its fundraising goal, this is perhaps the final opportunity for you to get positioned as an early adopter before the token explodes on exchanges.

Heavyweights Change Strategy to Appease SEC in S-1 Form Submission

The SEC’s highly anticipated Bitcoin ETF approval witnessed positive developments today after BlackRck and WisdomTree filed an updated S-1 form, signaling major developments for their proposed ETF.

The heavyweight finance conglomerate BlackRock edged closer to the instructions of the SEC by shifting its strategy to ensure its ETF would be a cash-only vehicle.

As a result, the ETF application is now fully aligned with the directive of the SEC, increasing its chances for approval.

WisdomTree followed BlackRock’s initiative and filed an S-1 form for its own ETF, initiating the same move for its ETF;

Bitwise Release Trailer for ETF

Bitwise also pushed the narrative of a Bitcoin spot ETF approval further today after the San Fransisco-based asset manager unveiled its spot Bitcoin ETF commercial today.

The release of the commercial signals their confidence in the ETF being approved, even though its application status is still pending.

Bitwise is among the dozen entities currently awaiting an ETF application approval by the SEC. Releasing the commercial ahead of the approval shows confidence in its product.

Bitcoin ETF is the Only Token Providing Direct Exposure to the Event

As the anticipation for an approval builds, so does the momentum behind the Bitcoin ETF ($BTCETF) presale.

The project has raised a whopping $4.8 million, demonstrating the surging confidence behind the concept.

With just $200K now to reach its final goal, this is the last opportunity to get positioned in this token.

Bitcoin ETF allows investors to ready their wallets before the first Bitcoin spot ETF is approved by the SEC, allowing them to capitalize on the monumental event.

The project introduces an intuitive burning mechanism and a staking utility that investors believe can produce 50x returns.

Bitcoin ETF token is a cutting-edge DeFi platform that offers an alternative vehicle from Bitcoin to profit from the SEC approval, providing exposure to the event.

Its success is directly linked to the SEC’s approval as the $BTCETF supply is connected to major real-world milestones that cause it to shrink when achieved.

The predetermined milestones include the following;

As each milestone is reached, the audited smart contracts behind the project will burn 5% of the $BTCETF supply. As a result,25% of the supply will have been burnt when all five milestones are achieved.

Furthermore, a sales burning tax is also designed to incentivize long-term holding before the Bitcoin spot ETF is approved.

Starting at 5%, the sales tax will be reduced by 1% each time one of the real-world milestones is reached.

Once all five are achieved, the sales tax disappears entirely.

Bitcoin ETF also incorporates a staking utility that allows investors to lock their tokens and earn a handsome return.

The staking combined with the burning mechanism has experts believing that there will be a supply shock on the open market, forcing newcomers to pay higher prices to enter $BTCETF following the presale.

Presale Almost Over – Last Chance to Buy Right Now

Time to get positioned in this explosive project is limited, with the presale hitting the $4.8 million milestone.

There are now just $200K worth of $BTCETF left to be snapped up at the early adopter prices.

Investors can currently purchase $BTCETF for $0.0068.

Following the presale, $BTCETF will launch on top exchanges and is likely to surge higher instantly. Furthermore, as each milestone is achieved, investors believe $BTCETF will pump each time.

Overall, Bitcoin ETF token is one of the only alternatives to Bitcoin that will provide direct exposure to the Bitcoin spot ETF approval by the SEC, allowing investors to profit from the event.

Buy $BTCETF Today

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