Bitcoin ETF Enthusiasts Anticipate SEC Verdict;  InQubeta’s Emergence in the Spotlight

With 2024 a few days away, Bitcoin ETF enthusiasts are looking forward to the US SEC’s verdict. This is a massive event, as it could affect the overall crypto market going forward. Meanwhile, investors looking for the best crypto to buy can take solace in the new project, InQubeta. The new ICO has become a beacon of hope as it revolutionizes AI investment.

Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Supporters Anticipate SEC Verdict

The issue of Bitcoin ETF has become a significant topic in the crypto community these past few months. While many are optimistic that the US SEC will approve the various spot Bitcoin ETFs, others believe otherwise.

The SEC has rejected multiple applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs in recent years, citing worries about the cryptocurrency market’s vulnerability to manipulation. However, the regulatory landscape has shifted in recent months. This has given Bitcoin ETF supporters hope that some of the 13 proposed spot Bitcoin ETFs would be approved by the SEC. 

A federal appeals court decision in August marked a watershed moment. The SEC erred in dismissing Grayscale’s request to convert its trust into an ETF, according to the opinion. With these recent developments, the chance of a Bitcoin ETF becoming a reality appears to be increasing.

News has emerged that the SEC asked at least two companies competing for a Bitcoin ETF to submit their final applications by December 29th. Several issuers have recently updated the technical aspects of their ETF proposals. Notably, BlackRock and ARK have amended their filings to include cash redemptions.

According to sources, this modification was suggested by the regulator. Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s ETF analysts James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas are bullish on the SEC’s verdict. They believe the regulator will greenlight a spot Bitcoin ETF by January 10th, 2024.

InQubeta (QUBE) Enters The Spotlight To Revolutionize AI Investments

InQubeta is gaining attention from a lot of investors as they use AI and cryptocurrency for raising funds. The token has raised over $7.7 million with investors snapping up over 688 million tokens in the process.

The support shows that there’s a good amount of interest from their side. Based on this support, the value of InQubeta’s QUBE token could increase by 100x from a current price of $0.01925. What are the key highlights of this DeFi project?

A major reason for this growth is the integration of artificial intelligence. The AI industry is expected to grow as per the research across different divisions. InQubeta is a platform that brings crypto investors closer to AI startups. The stocks of various AI startups will be listed on InQubeta in the form of NFTs, which can be fractionalized to suit all budgets and bought by investors.

The platform has also made some approaches to ensure investors’ trust by ensuring the safety of funds invested by users. The platform has already been reviewed rigorously by Hacken, a top smart contract auditing firm.

Due to its high transparency levels and top-notch security protocols, InQubeta is known as one of the smartest choices for investing in crypto. In addition, there is also the ability to stake on the platform. The platform’s features and the roadmap make it a good choice to invest in for the long term.

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While Bitcoin ETF enthusiasts await the SEC’s decision in January 2024, investors are keying into projects like InQubeta. The AI sector is growing rapidly and will be a huge industry in the coming years. One way to capitalize on this growth is through blockchain ICOs like InQubeta, which gives you a chance to invest in AI startups with potential.

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