Bitcoin ETF Approaches $500,000 In Under One Week as Investors Look For Direct Exposure to the Bitcoin ETF Approval

Bitcoin ETF ($BTCETF) is quickly approaching the $500,000 milestone in under a week as investors look for vehicles providing direct exposure to the Bitcoin ETF approval.

The presale has raised over $480,000 as investors rush to get positioned as early as possible, demonstrating the building momentum behind this project.

With an intuitive deflationary mechanism that accelerates the closer the Bitcoin ETF is to being approved, investors predict an easy 20x return for early adopters.

Bitcoin ETF Raises Near $500,000 As Investors Seek Direct Exposure to Monumental Bitcoin Event.

Bitcoin ETF ($BTCETF) has almost reached the $500,000 hurdle in its presale as investors seek direct exposure to the monumental Bitcoin ETF approval.

The building momentum behind the project indicates the increasing FOMO for the token.

Bitcoin ETF allows investors to ready their wallets before the first Bitcoin ETF is approved, allowing them to capitalize on the event ahead of time.

With heavyweight financial institutions like BlackRock applying for their own Bitcoin ETFs, it’s only a matter of time for this pipe dream to turn into a reality.

The majority of experts believe that there’s a 90% chance that a Bitcoin ETF will be approved by January 10th, and investing in $BTCETF provides you with direct exposure ahead of time.

Bitcoin ETF allows investors to speculate on the Bitcoin ETF approval, designed to let investors celebrate and capitalize on the arrival of the first Bitcoin ETF in US markets.

The project’s growth is directly linked to the approval of the trading vehicle, with its supply set to shrink upon hitting real-world milestones related to the approval.

As a result, Bitcoin ETF is tied to the fate of Bitcoin and the expected ETF.

Overall, Bitcoin ETF turns the speculation into a legitimate DeFi platform by incorporating a unique staking and burning mechanism.

Intuitive DeFi Burning Mechanism Will Produce Price Hikes Based on Real-world Milestones

Bitcoin ETF stands apart in the Bitcoin derivatives market as it has an intuitive burning mechanism that reduces the supply based on real-world milestones related to the Bitcoin ETF approval.

When the predetermined milestones are reached, the smart contract will burn a total of 5% of the overall supply.

With five pre-determined milestones set, there will be a total of 25% being burnt after all the milestones are hit.

The milestones include the following:

  • 24-hour trading volume in $BTCETF reaching $100 million.
  • SEC approving the first Bitcoin ETF in the US.
  • First Bitcoin ETF launching in the US.
  • Assets under management in Bitcoin ETFs reaching $1 billion.
  • Bitcoin price closes a daily candlestick above $100,000.

Experts believe that the act of burning will cause a price surge every time a milestone is hit. As a result, $BTCETF will see increasing prices the closer the Bitcoin ETF is to being approved.

In addition, $BTCETF also enforces a burning sales tax to turn it into a deflationary token.

The sales tax begins at 5% and will be reduced by 1% after each milestone is reached.

Once all five milestones are hit, the sales tax disappears completely.

Furthermore, a staking mechanism is designed to provide passive rewards and incentivize long-term holding.

Those currently staking their $BTCETF tokens are earning an impressive 500% APY on their holdings.

The staking is expected to help push the price higher as tokens are locked away, unable to be sold on the open market.

As a result, newcomers to $BTCETF will struggle to buy the token at lower prices after the presale.

Just Three Days Left At Current Prices: Get Positioned At Lowest Levels

With the presale rapidly gaining momentum, it’s not expected to last very long.

The presale is selling 40% of the total 2.1 billion supply.

Of the remaining supply, 25% is reserved for community rewards, 25% is set aside for burning, and 10% is allocated to exchange liquidity.

Therefore, the entire supply is designated to the community, providing optimal conditions for long-term growth.

The presale is set across ten stages, with the price of $BTCETF increasing during each subsequent stage.

The current stage is selling $BTCETF for $0.0052. However, there are now just three days to go until the price of the token is increased.

Therefore, those buying earlier benefit the most as they get positioned in the token at lower entry prices.

Overall, with its intuitive burning mechanism linked to real-world events related to the Bitcoin ETF, the price of $BTCETF is expected to explode by over 20x as the Bitcoin ETF approval approaches.

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