Bitcoin (BTC) Upward Trend Signals Significant Growth; Render (RNDR) and InQubeta (QUBE) Gather Steam

Bitcoin is among the earliest cryptocurrencies and it has since managed to maintain its hold over the market. Its recent strong performance has led many analysts to predict a bullish price rally in the coming months. As a result, whales are stockpiling their reserves of Bitcoin. 

At the same time, two other top crypto coins that have captured the imagination of the cryptoverse are InQubeta (QUBE) and Render (RNDR). These two tokens have been garnering a lot of attention not only due to their strong growth but also for their unique models. While Render is a decentralized platform that aims to make GPU-based rendering services more available, InQubeta helps startups connect with potential investors and acquire funding for artificial intelligence-based projects. 

InQubeta has emerged as one of the best altcoins to buy now mainly because of its presale success. Currently in its fourth stage, the project has raked in over $3.4 million in presale funding so far.

InQubeta: A DeFi growth engine for AI startups

InQubeta is a unique platform that connects AI startups with genuine investors to kickstart their growth story. The platform ensures that budding startups do not have to get embroiled in unnecessary paperwork to secure finances and provides them with a user-friendly mechanism for connecting with potential investors. 

Powered by Ethereum, InQubeta has a range of features that make it an ideal option for diversifying a crypto portfolio. The platform’s native cryptocurrency is the QUBE token, based on the ERC-20 standard. Apart from being used for various transactional purposes, the token comes in handy for governance. QUBE token holders are eligible for exclusive voting rights which they can use to express their opinion about proposals pitched by community members.

Startups that onboard InQubeta are required to come up with offers for investors. These offers may comprise a reward level or a share in the company’s equity. After being tokenized, the offers are minted as NFTs and uploaded on the NFT marketplace where investors can evaluate them. If an investor agrees to the offer made by a startup, they can purchase the corresponding NFT with their QUBE tokens. These NFTs can be split into smaller assets, so even small-time investors can participate in the opportunity. 

Head over to the QUBE presale to purchase huge volumes at the current attractive price of $0.0133.

Render eyes opportunities in AI/ML 

Rated as one of the best crypto investments of 2023, Render offers distributed GPU rendering services to artists. The platform bridges the gap between mining partners who can rent their GPU capabilities and artists or studios needing GPU computing power. The platform’s native token is RNDR and it’s the primary cryptocurrency of the network. The token is also modeled on the ERC-20 standard. Artists or studios can pay mining partners for their services with the token. Also, the platform leverages a hybrid consensus mechanism that combines manual and automatic proof-of-work mechanisms to verify rendered artworks. 

The RNDR platform was recently in the news after it demonstrated test compute jobs on actual Render models. The milestone was achieved using and marks the processing of AI training and workloads across a pool of GPUs featuring various devices. The move is a part of Render’s proposed plan to explore opportunities in AI and ML. Experts are backing the RNDR token in 2023 as whales are accumulating it in huge volumes in anticipation of a bull rally in the near future. 

Bitcoin: Here’s why whales can’t get enough of Bitcoin

Bitcoin derives its charm from being the first cryptocurrency in the market. More than a decade since its launch, it’s still among the most demanded tokens in the world. It has been designed as a permissionless cryptocurrency to facilitate secure transactions and its native token is BTC. Bitcoin’s network is secured by the proof-of-work consensus algorithm and new tokens are generated by miners. BTC is currently displaying an upward trend and whales are accumulating it as institutional investors are getting increasingly attracted to this pioneering cryptocurrency. 


While there is no dearth of options in the crypto market today, an ideal token should have high growth potential. If you ask an analyst to compare Render and InQubeta, most would recommend InQubeta as it offers its patrons a chance to create a steady source of income. By investing in a startup early on, one can become a part of their growth journey right from the start and reap rich rewards over time. The platform also has multiple features like a deflationary token and robust security framework that make it a particularly good crypto to buy.

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