Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Altcoins Show Consistent Profitability in These Key Months, Even During Bear Markets – Expert

The final months of the year tend to be opportune times for gains in the crypto markets, according to trader Altcoin Sherpa. Here’s an overview of the key trends to watch for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins as we head into Q4 2023:

1. Bitcoin’s Notable December/January Rallies

  • Historical Trend: Bitcoin has demonstrated a pattern of significant rallies during December and January, even amidst bear markets.
  • Strategic Insight: Investors should remain vigilant for potential BTC price surges during these months and consider positioning themselves to capitalize on possible upward movements.

2. Ethereum’s Q4 and January Performance

  • Historical Trend: Ethereum has historically exhibited substantial price movements in Q4 and particularly in January.
  • Strategic Insight: Monitoring ETH price action closely during these periods can provide insights into potential entry and exit points for traders.

3. The Significance of the ETH/BTC Ratio

  • Market Indicator: The ETH/BTC ratio serves as a barometer for altcoin market strength.
  • Strategic Insight: Observing dips in this ratio, especially near the 0.05-0.06 range, may present favorable altcoin buying opportunities.

4. Falling BTC Dominance as a Precursor to Altseason

  • Market Dynamics: A decline in Bitcoin dominance (BTC.D) typically indicates a shift towards altcoins, often signaling the onset of an altseason.
  • Strategic Insight: Traders might consider diversifying into altcoins when BTC.D shows a downward trajectory, potentially leveraging altcoin rallies.

5. The November Altcoin Surge

  • Historical Trend: Altcoins have historically begun their upward trajectory in November, continuing into December and January.
  • Strategic Insight: Scaling into altcoin positions from November onwards might position traders to capitalize on potential altcoin rallies.


Seizing the Opportunity

With BTC and ETH showcasing bullish tendencies and BTC dominance on a downward slope, the market appears to be setting the stage for a potential altcoin rally extending into early 2023. Traders and investors might consider strategically positioning themselves to potentially ride the upcoming wave, always keeping in mind the inherent risks involved in crypto trading.

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