Trading Options Expand for WIF, BONK, NOT, and ZK With Binance Listing While RBLK Presale Results in Sign-Up Surge

Leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is poised to further enhance its platform’s capabilities through the introduction of a series of new trading pairs. This strategic expansion aims to cater to the evolving demands of a dynamic market, and among the key cryptocurrencies which were added include dogwifhat (WIF), Notcoin (NOT),  Bonk (BONK) and zkSync (ZK)

However, alongside this update, the Rollblock (RBLK) presale has seen a record number of sign-ups as it has exceeded 3,500. To see why this is the case, and to learn which is the best cryptocurrency to buy, we will go over their on-chart performance individually.

dogwifhat Crypto Dips 15% – Can the Binance Listing Propel It Forward?

dogwifhat (WIF) has experienced a 15% price decline over the past week. This downward trend has triggered many traders to diversify their crypto portfolios, as on-chart data for the dogwifhat price indicates that it initially broke past $2 and climbed to $2.61, before falling back and finding support at $2.1. 

This technical pattern suggests a potential consolidation phase, where the price could exhibit relative stability in a defined range due to the Binance listing. Now, for the dogwifhat crypto to regain momentum, it must first reach bullish attention. Based on the on-chart data, the price trajectory could be bullish, as according to the dogwifhat price prediction, by Q4 of 2024 it can reach $0.37.

Notcoin Price Did Not Spike Following Binance Announcement – Can It Climb in 2024?

An examination of on-chart data for the Notcoin (NOT) crypto reveals an initial surge that surpassed the $0.02 mark and reached a high of $0.0214. However, the price subsequently encountered resistance and retreated, currently finding support at $0.015. This technical pattern for the Notcoin price suggests a potential consolidation phase, where NOT could trade within a relatively stable range.

It’s important to note that the recent Binance listing may be a contributing factor to this potential consolidation, and that the Notcoin crypto could experience a bullish rally in the future. However, according to the Notcoin price prediction, as seen from the bullish RSI and MACD data, it is indicative that by the end of Q4, 2024 it can reach $0.0259.

Bonk Price Dips – Is Recovery Possible?

An analysis of the Bonk (BONK) price chart reveals an initial bullish breakout, surpassing the $0.000026 resistance level and reaching a high of $0.00002667. However, the price encountered selling pressure and retreated, currently finding support at $0.00002174. This technical pattern suggests a potential consolidation phase, where the Bonk crypto may trade within a defined range, and as a result, it needs to regain bullish attention.

The RSI and MACD data both exhibit signs of a potential bullish momentum for the Bonk price moving forward, however, it will need to align with an increase in trading volume. Based on a comprehensive price analysis, according to the Bonk price prediction, by the end of Q4, 2024, it can reach $0.000033.

Rollblock (RBLK) Emerges As the Best Crypto to Invest in With Over 3,000 Sign-Ups

Rollblock (RBLK) has reached a record 3,000 sign-ups, and its value has risen 40%, which now presents a compelling proposition for investors seeking exposure to the burgeoning GambleFi market. Its first-mover advantage, combined with a strategic tokenomic model and integration with a fully operational and licensed casino, positions RBLK as a potential leader in this disruptive space.

One of the key differentiating aspects of Rollblock is the removal of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures, which puts an emphasis on privacy, alongside the transparency surrounding its blockchain technology integration. Another stand out feature is the unique revenue-share model. RBLK has meticulously crafted a tokenomic model designed to incentivize long-term token holder engagement and  growth. Up to 30% of the weekly profits get allocated towards buying back tokens from the open market, which could create huge weekly buying pressure on the RBLK chart.

Half of these tokens are then burned, reducing overall supply and potentially driving up token value through increased scarcity. The remaining half is distributed to RBLK holders, further aligning investor interests with the platform’s long-term success.

Currently in Stage 3 of its presale, RBLK has already witnessed significant investor interest, with the token trading at $0.014, while raising over $800,000. By the end of the month, the project is on target to raise over $1,000,000, and its value could spike up to 500% by the end of the presale according to the latest projections, positioning RBLK as the best cryptocurrency to buy.

Also, don’t miss Rollblock’s $20,000 GIVEAWAY in the ongoing EURO 2024 football tournament, users can win amazing prizes each day for giving correct predictions. Participants just need to join their discord channel to take part.

Which Crypto Can Provide the Most Returns?

It’s clear that the Binance listings of dogwifhat, Bonk and Notcoin did not initially yield profits, but could do so during a prolonged time-frame. In the meantime, most of the attention has gone towards Rollblock (RBLK), as its unique revenue-share model, already established and licensed casino, make it the best crypto to invest in.

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