Best Cloud Mining Services a College Student Can Afford

A lack of money is the problem familiar to almost every student. It’s not a secret that the average cost of college, including tuition, accommodation, meals, housing, and transportation may make you go broke. And we’re not using hyperbole here. College tuition keeps going up year after year, while average wages lag far behind. No wonder, a great many students take up part-time jobs and start their small businesses while still in college. We know how tough combining study and work can be. All-nighters, constant fatigue, and tons of homework that go unattended for weeks may make any busy student’s life unbearable. We also know that students get especially creative, when it comes to surviving. They rely on academic writing company, when they need a high quality essay or research paper. is one of the biggest companies that currently provide timely capstone project assistance to almost a million students worldwide. Note that it’s an excellent opportunity to spare more time for your business, crypto business, in particular.

Why Cryptocurrency?

 Presently, more and more college students enter crypto business to make some extra money in college. This kind of business is relatively undemanding in terms of startup capital and time. If you elected to try either trading or mining cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash or any other altcoin at this point in time, you shouldn’t expect huge and immediate profits. As with any trading business, you’ll need time, business hutch, and to a certain extent, good luck if you re expect to get the most out of your cryptocurrency business.

If you’ve resolved to jump in this sort of business headfirst, we suggest that you start with mining. It will help you learn the ropes of cryptocurrency business and determine if cryptomining is worth your time and effort.

Why Cloud Mining?

Cryptomining requires certain resources, which may become a stumbling stone for a beginner cryptominer. Cryptocurrency mining is the process in which miners validate specific transactions for various forms of cryptocurrency and add them to blockchain digital ledger. As a result, each miner gets rewarded for their job done. The more operations you perform, the bigger you reward is. Everything is simple and as clear as day. But let’s get back to resources needed. Every miner needs something to offer. And this something is their computing power that allows securing cryptocurrency networks. Needless to say, to become an efficient cryptominer, you need to have computers with specialized hardware. If you share a tiny dorm room with a roommate, having such hardware is definitely not an option. Graphics cards generate too much heat and attract much unwanted attention. If you add up astronomical electricity bills and the necessity to maintain the equipment to this, you’ll realize that making a server room out of your dorm room is not something you would call a viable option. Still, there’s no need to give up on mining. The Internet is teeming with ads from the companies offering best cloud-based outfits to people who want to farm their cryptocurrency remotely without managing the hardware. Still, you should be selective when it comes to picking a cloud mining provider. There’re lots of scammers and short lived businesses eager to exploit public’s interest in cryptocurrency and make a profit from it. We’ve compiled the list of the most efficient and well-trusted companies that can provide you with quality cloud mining services and won’t eviscerate you financially at the same time. Take a look at our top picks right now.

#1 Bitcoin Pool

bitcoin com pool

One of the oldest and well-established companies lots of miners trust is Bitcoin Pool. If you opts for Bitcoin Pool, you can sure that you’re buying CPU power directly from dedicated data center of, arguable the biggest and most popular company that hosts a Bitcoin-related web portal and provides a number of Bitcoinand Bitcoin Cash services. Bitcoin Pool claims that they can provide you with the highest reward per block that amounts to 98%. Once you pay for cloud mining services, you can start mining Bitcoin or an altcoin on either Bitcoin Cast or Bitcoin Core. The cheapest plan available will cost you $60 per month. You can upgrade as you go along and switch between mining options.

Bitcoin Pool app is fully compatible with Android and iOS, which enables you to monitor the overall mining process and keep track of your earnings whenever you want.

#2 Hashnest


Some five years ago, in 2014, Bitmain, one of the biggest manufacturers of Bitcoin mining hardware launch its cloud mining platform, Hashnest, that enabled millions of users earn their cryptocurrency using equipment. Currently, Bitmain uses one of the largest mining pools called Antpool. The company has their data-centers in such countries as China and Iceland, where electricity costs are relatively low, and is willing to share their resources with those people who due to some reasons cannot mine altcoins on-site.

You can either sign a Payout Accelerated Cloud Mining Contract with Bitmain, according to which, the company will be paying maintenance costs, while you get all the mining revenue, or purchase hash power directly from Antminer miners. If you choose the second option, you’ll need to fork out for a fix maintenance fee that currently amounts to $0.19/TH/day.

 # 3 Hashflare


If you want to mine Bitcoin and a wide variety of altcoins, you should definitely consider Hashflare as a viable option. This cloud mining provider is affiliated with Hashcoins, another large manufacturer of Bitcoin mining equipment. If you want to familiarize yourself with terms and conditions of hiring mining equipment, go visit Hashflare official website.

You can buy required hashpower to mine not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have become a classic, but also such cryptocurrencies as ZCash, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Csh, and lots of other altcoins. Moreover, Hashflare enables you to choose the mining pool that seems more profitable to you. 

The company will charge you $0.0035 for every 10 GH/s of SHA-256 coins and $0.005 for every 1 MH/s of Scrypt coins per day as a maintenance fee. Still, if you choose to farm Ethereum, Dash, or ZCash, no maintenance fees will be charged. Your profits will depend on the mining pool you’ve selected and the amount of hashpower you’ve acquired.

Bottom Line

Now that you know so much about cryptomining and the way you can benefit from cloud services, you can start taking advantage of the afore listed companies’ remote data centers. No need to pay for electricity, manage your hardware or pay specialists to do this for you. You can get access to limitless hashpower provided by reliable cloud mining providers that will help you earn some extra money and make your college life more enjoyable. 

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