Battle of the Meme Coins: PepeFork Vs Shiba Inu Vs KangaMoon

Meme coins have taken over the crypto space in the past year, with new coins seeking to overthrow top coins. Three memecoins that have caught the attention of the crypto space are PepeFork, Shiba Inu, and KangaMoon. Let’s see who is the best crypto among them.

PepeFork (PORK) Plunges After Recent Rally 

PepeFork (PORK) was developed by a user known as Pauly0x, aiming to expand on Pepe by adding more features and rewards. This altcoin version adopts a pink theme, unlike the original green Pepe frog. 

As with many memecoins, PepeFork does not have utility or and faces a high inflation risk due to its high supply. The token has a supply of 420.69 trillion. PepeFork’s market cap rose to $293 million within 48 hours following its launch. Also, it soared to an all-time high of $0.0000009132 on February 2nd, riding on the hype in the crypto market.

However, PepeFork has suffered bearish pressure that has pushed its market cap below the $200m mark. The altcoin price is currently trading at the $0.0000004323 – $0.000000837 price range. Its price has dropped 19.3% on the weekly chart and is 52% away from its all-time high.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shibarium Grows 621%

Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) layer-2 blockchain, Shibarium, has experienced a rise in network activity. New account creation have soared 621% in just one day. According to Shibariumscan, the number of new accounts jumped from 33 on February 6th to 205 on February 7th. 

This brings Shibarium’s total account to 63,341. Increases in network activity like this usually signal changes in the prices. The case was not different for Shiba Inu, as the Shibarium’s account creation was followed by an increase in price.

According to CoinMarketCap, the altcoin price has pumped 3.2% on the weekly chart. It soared from a weekly low of $0.00000882 and peaked at $0.00000929. This bullish price movement has reduced the losses on the monthly price chart to 1.9%.

Shiba Inu could clear one zero in the coming days if this bullish price movement continues. Analysts have forecasted a rise to $0.0000182 before the end of 2024.

KangaMoon (KANG) Has More Utility Than Shiba Inu and PepeFork 

Compared to PepeFork and Shiba Inu, KangaMoon (KANG) packs more utility and is more community-centred. Also, while PepeFork and Shiba Inu’s token supply is running into trillions, KangaMoon has a token supply of just 1 billion tokens.

This makes the DeFi coin more scare and gives it more potential than other meme coins with massive supplies. Additionally, KangaMoon’s platform will include social interaction, gaming, and meme coin culture. The goal is to create a community in which members may participate in various tasks while receiving prizes.

KangaMoon aims to develop the most lively meme community and offers numerous income opportunities. Members can earn cryptocurrency and in-game stuff by participating in battles and tournaments.

Those who complete these challenges in the Social-Fi platform of KangaMoon get additional tokens or in-game assets, which can be traded on the KangaMoon upcoming marketplace. At a price of $0.005, the DeFi coin, KANG, is generating high momentum among investors. 

Over 31% of its first presale stage has already been sold out. Analysts believe KangaMoon can mirror the triumphs of Shiba Inu after its launch. As a result, they have predicted a 100x surge upon its listing on exchanges in the second quarter of 2024.


While PepeFork and Shiba Inu are typical meme coins with high token supply and driven by hype, KangaMoon has utility and a low token supply of 1 billion.

As a result, KangaMoon is the best crypto compared to Shiba Inu and PepeFork. The token seeks to build a community-driven meme coin ecosystem where everyone has equal opportunities.

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