Axelar (AXL) and Near Protocol (NEAR) Stabilize in the Wake of Market Inconsistency, Meme Moguls (MGLS) to Redefine the Scope of Meme Utility

In the wake of the market inconsistency that has abounded in recent weeks, some cryptocurrencies have shown great resilience to stay above the curve. Axelar (AXL) chart looks great, with outstanding performances in the monthly and weekly charts.

Although Near Protocol (NEAR) experienced a slight bearish challenge, the token is still positioned for a bullish run. Meanwhile, analysts have picked Meme Moguls as one of the best meme coins to watch in Q1. The project has had a successful presale and is now edging closer to Uniswap listing. Find out more below. 

Meme Moguls (MGLS): The Ultimate Path to Meme Coin Utility

With Axelar and Near Protocol stabilizing amidst market uncertainty, Meme Moguls has leapt ahead of competitors as one of the top meme coins in the crypto market. The platform has attracted huge attention from investors who are excited by Meme Mogul’s quest to give a solid utility to its meme coin. Meme Moguls is introducing a novel meme utility through crypto training.

The platform trains users with no experience in cryptocurrency to become expert traders who can stand independently. After the meme game training, they are provided with a virtual cash of $100,000, which they are expected to turn into cashable returns using their experience. Meme Moguls offers a series of gameplay events with the beta testing phase set for launch on March 11.

Early investors have gotten over 90% ROI with over 100M tokens sold. The project has raised over $2.5 million in presale and investors can purchase the ERC20 token MGLS for just $0.0036. Now is the best time to buy the token before it skyrockets to $0.0042 in stage 6. Essentially, there is a 30% deposit bonus given to presale buyers of the token now. 

At every stage of the presale, Investors will have the chance to get a part of the $10,000 worth of MGLS tokens provided by Meme Moguls. However, users need to complete epic challenges in Zealy to access it. 

At the end of the presale on Feb 28, the unpurchased tokens will be put up for burning to stabilize the price of those in circulation. Analysts project Meme Moguls as one of the best meme coins to watch out for in the year and predict the token will give 35x return after launching on Uniswap.

Axelar (AXL) Pumps, Can it Skyrocket to $2 Soon?

Axelar’s (AXL) latest trajectory has fuelled excitement among holders and investors. The token has been flying in 2024, posting a significant 49% increase in the past month. A further 20% surge was noticed on the Axelar coin weekly price chart.

Looking at the technical analysis, Axelar market sentiments show complete dominance of the bulls, with the RSI moving towards the upper level. The Axelar price is about to stabilize around the $1.5 support level and continued bullish momentum could spark a surge to $2 in the coming months.

Near Protocol (NEAR) Up By 21% on the Monthly Chart 

Analysts are upbeat about the bullish prospect of Near Protocol (NEAR) as the token eyes the next resistance zone of $3.5. According to data from CoinMarketCap, Near Protocol has made exciting progress in the past month, surging by 21% in the same timeframe.

However, Near Protocol was pegged back by the bearish sentiment this week after going down by a slight 4%. Although the market sentiment showed an 85% bullishness which indicates the dominance of the bulls. A breakout of the $3.5 resistance zone could see the Near Protocol price hitting $5 in 2024.

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