$AVAX Top Gainer as Market Continues to Rally

The overall crypto market has been bullish since its significant decline in 2022 and early 2023, and $AVAX is maximizing this rally by rising over 41% in just three weeks. Meanwhile, $GFOX continues to take the crypto world by storm by cementing its place as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy that can deliver huge gains for investors .

$AVAX Rises Over 41%, Overtakes $DOGE in Market Cap Ranking

Towards the end of 2023 and since the  beginning of this year, $AVAX has performed remarkably by trading above the $40 mark. However, the token dipped to $27 on January 23 due to an overall drawback in the days following the Bitcoin ETF approval. 

Immediately after the dip, $AVAX embarked on a significant uptrend, which saw its price rise by over 41%  to reach $40.99 on February 13. According to CoinMarketCap, a platform for tracking cryptocurrency data, this significant growth caused $AVAX to overtake $DOGE and climb to ninth in ranking of cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. $AVAX’s ongoing up-rally also saw its trading volume rise by 92% within 24 hours, indicating investors’ growing interest in the token.

The recent move of $AVAX’s ecosystem, towards transforming the GameFi sectors is among the factors contributing to the token’s rally. On February 8, the ecosystem launched its new GameFi project called Shrapnel for early access. Shrapnel is a shooter game developed by Neon Machine, a Seattle-based game studio, which merges gameplay with blockchain technology.

Due to $AVAX’s recent performance, technical experts are optimistic about the token’s future. According to them, they expect $AVAX to break out with another price increase, potentially trading above $45 very soon.

$GFOX Attracts Investors with Unique Growth Potential and Earning Opportunities

$GFOX is the new cryptocurrency in the crypto world popular for its incredible growth potential and how it distinguishes itself from other meme coins by offering various opportunities for investors to earn passive income. This significant interest of investors in the coin is due to its ongoing success in presale, where it has raised over $3.3 million.  

Within Galaxy Fox‘s ecosystem, there’s an exciting web-3 runner game that rewards players with $GFOX tokens for being in the top-performing 20% of players. The platform also allows the sale of NFTs, players can purchase these NFTs to boost their in-game abilities to compete against other players. 

Galaxy Fox plans to transform the world of NFTs by releasing 3000 unique NFTs and making them available for minting on the Galaxy Fox website. The platform will also launch its native NFT marketplace, allowing the buying and selling of Galaxy Fox NFTs. 

Galaxy Fox also has a treasury reserve where the funding for future projects and community initiatives will come from. The treasury also plays a critical role in sustaining the project goals and maintaining transparency in its financial operations.

Recently, $GFOX progressed to Stage 8 of its presales, where one $GFOX now sells for $0.002178, signifying a 10% increase from its previous presale price. For every progress to a new stage, $GFOX has been consistently increasing in price and for investors who invested since stage 1, they will be realizing an approximately 450% on their investments by the time the presales end. This is why many investors are rushing towards Galaxy Fox presale to avoid missing out on the next rally.  



The recent developments of $AVAX and $GFOX prove they are good crypto to buy now. However, investors who choose $GFOX are in a better position to gain more with little capital, as the token is in presale and can not be affected by any possible market dip that might affect $AVAX. 

It’s still possible to gain from Galaxy Fox presale. Click the link below to buy $GFOX tokens and then join the telegram community for more updates. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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