Assessing the Growth Potential of a Newcomer in the Cryptocurrency Market, Poised to Outperform Filecoin

Savvy investors know that investing early in the right tokens is one of the surest ways to amass crypto wealth. Interestingly, this category of investors are always looking for such tokens, and they found a new crypto gem in the second half of 2023. This hot new crypto is called Borroe Finance ($ROE), and it is set to outperform Filecoin (FIL) in April 2024. Keep reading to see what experts think about these tokens.


Borroe Finance Rockets Through Three Presale Stages in 2023

One obvious way to know if a new crypto token will succeed is by looking at its proven success in its early stages. For example, Borroe Finance completed two presale stages in the second half of 2023; the third presale stage is mostly complete. During these presale stages, Borroe Finance raised over $2 million from savvy investors thanks to its high-ROI potential and a promise to revolutionize web3 fundraising.

Borroe Finance is an AI-powered fundraising platform that allows web3 businesses to raise instant cash by minting future earnings into trending NFTs and selling them at discounted prices to supportive communities. As a Borroe Finance user, you enjoy many benefits, including a simple fee structure, total cost transparency, privacy, low-risk investment, low transaction fees, instant funding, and high scalability.

Currently, $ROE is selling for $0.0175 in its third presale stage. After all presale stages conclude, $ROE will hit the mainstream crypto market and sell for $0.04 on the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Analysts say this $ROE price movement will deliver a massive 128.6% surge to early investors. Furthermore, experts expect $ROE to record speedy market adoption, meaning $ROE will likely trade for $0.1550 by June 2024.   


FIL Records Double-digit surge in Q4 2023

As one of the less popular altcoins, Filecoin is putting in all efforts to join the league of top altcoins in 2024. However, Filecoin faced some setbacks in 2023 that slowed its growth process. For example, Grayscale had to withdraw Filecoin’s trust registration statement earlier this year due to pressure from the US SEC. Luckily, Grayscale backed Filecoin by stating that the token was not a security.

Filecoin bounced back later in the year and partnered with reputable DeFi companies like is a decentralized cloud service, and its recent collaboration with Filecoin storage providers will ensure that they widen their revenue streams and enjoy greater ROI on their hardware. Ahmad Shadid, founder and CEO of, introduced the decentralized cloud service to storage providers like Filecoin in August.

Thanks to Filecoin’s resilience, FIL gained 12.41% in Q4 2023. On November 18, FIL traded for $4.54. A month later, FIL surged and traded for $5.11. According to analysts, FIL is ready to surge along with other coins when the next Altseason returns in 2024. Therefore, we can expect FIL to trade for $8.50 by June 2024.      

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Rudolph Waltz
Rudolph Waltz

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