As Near Protocol (NEAR) & Conflux (CFX) Face Market Challenges, AI Altcoins Like InQubeta Rise

The crypto market is in constant flux, with coins rising and falling in response to a multitude of factors. In recent times, established players like NEAR Protocol ($NEAR) and Conflux ($CFX) have encountered market challenges. Concurrently, tokens at the intersection of AI and blockchain technology, such as InQubeta ($QUBE), have risen. With this fascinating convergence tipped to be at the forefront of the next bull wave, InQubeta is one of the altcoins to watch.

In this article, we will delve into the bearish sentiment surrounding the top altcoins, NEAR Protocol and Conflux. Further, we will also explore the growing enthusiasm surrounding InQubeta. Let’s dive in.

InQubeta ($QUBE): Altcoin to Watch

A new breed of altcoins is gaining prominence in the crypto scene. These tokens stand at the crossroads between AI and blockchain technology, with InQubeta ($QUBE) at the fore. InQubeta stands out for the unique solution it is introducing to the AI industry. Hence, there has been staggering participation in its ongoing presale, with over $3.5 million raised at the time of this writing. Ultimately, it is positioned as the best new crypto to invest in.

As a unique blend of AI and blockchain, InQubeta’s value proposition focuses on reshaping the AI fundraising landscape. To this effect, it will become the first platform where AI startups can raise funds through crypto – its utility token, $QUBE. Additionally, it also intends to democratize access to the AI market by employing NFT technology and a fractional investment model.

In addition to its novel concept, another appeal of this project which will contribute to its rise, is its promising roadmap. The roadmap for this project includes several exciting developments to look forward to, such as the launch of its staking dApp and swap, the launch of the NFT marketplace, its listing on centralized exchanges, and the launch of the DAO.

The presale is presently in its fourth stage and priced at $0.0133. Meanwhile, experts forecast a rally of 2,550% in its price before the end of the year, making it a great crypto to buy. To participate in the presale of this promising project and become an early adopter, follow the link below.

NEAR Protocol ($NEAR): Decline in Price

NEAR Protocol ($NEAR) is an integral player in the blockchain space. It is a cloud computing platform that eliminates core issues, including poor interoperability, low throughput, and transaction speeds. As a result, NEAR Protocol has risen to become one of the top crypto coins in the market.

However, recent market issues have led to a decline in NEAR Protocol’s performance. This can be linked to a shift in investor sentiment and concerns over the larger market, which have contributed to its current market dynamics. Nevertheless, NEAR Protocol is expected to see a bounceback because of its solid fundamentals.

Conflux ($CFX): Bearish Sentiment

Conflux ($CFX) is another giant in the blockchain ecosystem. It is a layer-1 blockchain developed to power decentralized applications (dApps) and Web3 infrastructure. Consequently, Conflux is popular for its interoperability and high throughput, making it a popular destination for dApps.

Despite its robust technology, it is currently riding the turbulent crypto wave and trading downward. The growing bearish sentiment around Conflux can be attributed to the shift in investor sentiment and the bearishness of the broader crypto market. Nonetheless, a bullish price correction in Conflux is imminent.


The market challenges faced by NEAR Protocol and Conflux and the rise of AI altcoins such as InQubeta highlight the dynamic nature of the crypto landscape. With InQubeta on the verge of adoption and set to experience staggering growth, it is arguably the best crypto to invest in now.

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Rene Peters
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