As BONK and ORDI Experience Turbulence, Crypto Enthusiasts Are Turning Their Attention to Rebel Satoshi’s Promising Future


  • Backpack Exchange is the most recent crypto trading platform to list BONK.
  • Donald Trump’s NFT collection will be inscribed using Ordinals.
  • New meme coin Rebel Satoshi effortlessly blends the worlds of amusement and rebellion; the project is gearing up for its official launch next month.

Few could have imagined the turbulence that top altcoins like Bonk (BONK) and Ordinals (ORDI) are experiencing. Understandably, this has led some investors to focus on the more promising future with Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ).

The launch of this rebel-themed meme coin is imminent, with only a few weeks left. Time is still available for keen investors to hop on the hype train and contribute to Rebel Satoshi’s revolutionary themes.

For now, let’s begin by looking at the latest news for BONK and ORDI.

Backpack Exchange Becomes Latest Exchange To List BONK

While BONK is still the third-most traded meme coin, it has shockingly dropped in value. Following its near-20,000% rally since October 2023 from $0.0000001745 to $0.0000349403, BONK is down roughly 72% at $0.0000098233. The current bear market and traders taking profits following the surge are the catalysts for this decline.

Regardless, plenty of exchanges have capitalized on the BONK’s popularity. Recently, companies like Coinbase, Binance, and OKX have jumped on the bandwagon. The latest is the Backpack Exchange. A few days before, BTSE was another trading platform that listed BONK.

Further exchange listings may be key for BONK to recover from the huge slump it’s experiencing. Interestingly, a recent post by Bonk’s admins on X has enthusiasts speculating on a potential Dogecoin or Elon Musk connection. Only time will tell what materializes.

Nevertheless, most estimates suggest BONK can reach at least $0.000100 by 2025.

Donald Trump Taps Into Bitcoin Ordinals to Boost Failed NFT Collection

Interest in trending NFTs has attracted the most unlikely figures like Donald Trump. The former US president has tried several tactics to promote his ‘MugShot Edition’ collection. These include offering dinners at his gold club and pieces of the suit he wore during his arrest in 2023.

He has now shifted toward Bitcoin Ordinals in his promotional efforts. The ‘Collect Trump Card’ account on X confirmed that the first 100 people to buy 100 cards at $99 each using the WETH crypto will receive one Ordinals trading card. 

Furthermore, 200 cards from the collection will be inscribed with Ordinals and available for sale on Magic Eden. It’s worth noting that a caveat comes with the $99 deal. Those who own any of the NFTs cannot trade them until December 2024.

ORDI has dipped 41% since hitting a yearly high of $91.88, now worth $54.20. Yet, forecasts suggest it can surpass at least $100 by next year.

Finally, let’s briefly cover Rebel Satoshi and what to expect.

Rebel Satoshi Aims to Defy The Modern Financial System

Rebel Satoshi is a meme token motivated by Satoshi Nakamoto and Guy Fawkes to defy the modern unjust financial system. Rather than ordinary citizens getting tiny slices of wealth, Rebel Satoshi will rally for a crypto revolution, putting decentralized finance at the forefront. In doing so, these individuals decide their monetary freedom.

Yet, users will soon be rewarded thanks to Rebel Satoshi‘s thriving ecosystem with the $RBLZ token. It has favorable, scarce tokenomics with a fixed supply of 250 million. Aside from honoring Nakamoto’s vision of a non-inflationary currency, it makes long-term value appreciation.

The more tangible benefits revolve around staking and NFTs. Users can ‘lock up’ or stake their $RBLZ tokens to secure the network while earning passive income. They can also increase their holdings of the most popular NFTs in the Rebel Artefacts Vault, a marketplace with 9,999 unique digital art characters and collectibles.

Keen investors can own $RBLZ for $0.022 in the last stage of Rebel Satoshi’s presale. Due to the demand, the token has risen 120% in a few months when it was worth $0.010. It will be worth $0.025 (13.6% higher) once the presale is over next month, preceding Rebel Satoshi‘s official launch and $RBLZ exchange listings.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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