As Binance’s Market Share Falls to 40% in 2023, InQubeta Continues Its Upward Trend

Two recent developments in the crypto landscape have caught the interest of the community. First, Binance, one of the leading exchanges for the top crypto coins, is experiencing a substantial decline in its market share, indicating that other exchanges are gaining ground. Meanwhile, a rising star, InQubeta (QUBE), remains unstoppable in its ascent. Long-time and beginner cryptocurrency investors and traders are closely monitoring these developments, as they may have a significant impact on the market. Let’s take a closer look at these two stories.

Binance’s Market Share Down to 40%

Binance was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, and since then it has grown to become the largest crypto exchange in the world. It’s dominating the market even now, with the lion’s share in terms of user base and trading volume. However, a report published by blockchain analytics company 0xScope last November 6 revealed a troubling trend. 

The article stated that Binance lost more than 30% of its market share in spot trading in the past year. It now stands at 40%, way below the 2022 figure of 62%. Including derivative trading volume for the same period didn’t help the cause either, as Binance’s market share dropped from 54.6% in October 2022 to 51.2% a year later.

Though Binance still has more than 50% of the market share in crypto trading, its decline is worth noting. It suggests that other exchanges for the top crypto coins are gaining traction.

InQubeta (QUBE): The Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

The cryptocurrency landscape is dynamic, with new players constantly entering the scene. The news about Binance is proof of this, as new competitors are slowly eating into its market share. The emergence of InQubeta (QUBE) is another example. Widely considered one of the best new DeFi projects this year, it’s gaining a lot of attention because of its intriguing approach to raising funds for promising AI startup projects. 

InQubeta has emerged as a promising contender for the best cryptocurrency to buy today. While still on the 5th stage of its token presale, it has already raised over $5.1 million. Because of its continued presale success, many industry experts expect its upward trajectory to continue well after the platform’s official launch, with a 3,000% increase in QUBE’s value a real possibility.

More About InQubeta (QUBE)

InQubeta (QUBE) is a revolutionary crowdsourcing platform that blends AI and blockchain technology. It supports the growth of AI startups by enabling them to generate funding through QUBE, InQubeta’s native token. Investment opportunities from the startups are minted into non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and fractionalized, which means these can be sold at more manageable price points. The NFTs are listed on InQubeta’s popular NFT marketplace, where interested investors can purchase them using their QUBE tokens.

Speaking of QUBE, it’s more than just a utility coin. It’s also a governance token, thereby empowering its holders to participate in the decision-making process of the InQubeta platform. QUBE holders can suggest, get involved in the discussions about, and cast votes for or against proposals that can affect the platform’s operations and future growth.

QUBE investors can also earn rewards by staking their tokens, as a 5% sell tax goes directly to a dedicated reward pool. This feature allows community members to receive rewards while actively supporting AI startup projects. The platform continues to enjoy the support of a solid community, as evidenced by its active and growing online community on X (formerly Twitter) and other social media channels.


As Binance continues to experience a substantial decline in market share, InQubeta (QUBE) is on a steady rise. If you’re looking for a promising coin to add to your portfolio, QUBE is worth considering not only because of its currently low selling price, but also due to its project’s  potential to succeed. InQubeta’s intriguing investment approach, coupled with its focus on the burgeoning AI sector, can propel it to new heights.

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Sarah Wurfel
Sarah Wurfel

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